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Become part of a network of over 350 clubs and 33,000 members in NSW.

Swimming NSW clubs are part of a massive support system provided by Swimming Australia, Swimming NSW staff and their local area committees. Being affiliated with Swimming NSW will afford your club a great reputation from the get-go.

People who seek to become members will know your club has high standards for child safety and club governance. Your social club members can take advantage of our grassroots membership program, or can progress along our athlete performance pathway if they're more competitive.

You can also impress your members with your club website and invite your members to log in to their personalised member portal, provided for free by Swimming Australia.

Swimming NSW-affiliated clubs also enjoy the right to vote at our AGMs. This means you can have your say in driving the direction of the sport.

For more information on how to start up and incorporate your club, visit the NSW Fair Trading website.

Swimming NSW Club Benefits

  • Support
    • For clubs in regional areas – exclusive access to a locally-based Swimming NSW club Development Officer
    • Technical support and club committee member training (online, on the phone and in person)
  • Technology
    • Access to a free club website and domain name provided by Swimming Australia.
    • Access to free online club administration software (ClubLANE)
      • Keep track of all of your club administration in one central location
      • Ability to accept all membership payments online
      • Ability to accept club night entries and payments online
      • All online monies collected by Swimming Australia are deposited to your club bank account bi-weekly
      • Financial tracking
      • Ability to upload results to a national online database
      • Access to support portal, illustrated help guides, and online video tutorials
  • Governance, Member Protection and Insurance
  • Coverage for management and public liability insurance 

    Association with stringent Working With Children Check (WWCC) standards and assistance with implementing WWCC standards in your club

    Access to Sport Australia's Club Health Check program and resources


  • Member Acquisition and Retention Programs
  • Assistance with attracting new members to your club

    • ideas for ‘come and try’ nights
    • club marketing toolkit
    • '4 free tries’ available to new members via our insurance policy

    Access to the Bio Island Australian Junior Excellence Award program

    Ability to request Australian Dolphin Athlete Appearances (club presentation nights, club champs, etc.)

Applying for affiliation

  • Your application
  • You will need to put together an affiliation proposal which would be considered by the Swimming NSW Board of Directors for approval. Our new club admission policy is a short document that details all of the things you will need to include in your proposal, and what the Board will consider to be favourable in a new club. You will also find a new club affiliation form included in this document.

    Things you will need to include in your proposal to the Swimming NSW Board include, but are not limited to:

    • $209 2018-19 affiliation payment (this covers your club affiliation fee only; members pay individual membership fees online after affiliation is approved) 
    • Rationale for creating club
    • Member list, including members are Swimmers or Non-Swimmers, and if they are new members to Swimming NSW, or if they are transferring from another club 
    • Details of where you train/lane hire contract or the contract or agreement you have with the facility
    • New Club Affiliation Form (included in New Club Admission Policy)
    • Proof of Incorporation through Fair Trading
    • Club Constitution (contact Greta Brodie for a copy)
    • Club By-Laws and Rules (download model By-Laws here)

    Once you have assembled your proposal, please send it in to us either by email or mail (no need to send via both methods).

    Email: Greta Brodie (

    Post: PO Box 571, Sydney Markets NSW 2129

  • Application review process
  • Once we have received your application our CEO will consult with your local swimming area to seek their opinion and approval before your application is taken to our Board.

    Our Board of Directors will then review your proposal in one of their monthly meetings. 

    Greta will notify you shortly after the Board meeting if your application has been successful or not.

Get your new club started!

  • First steps for new clubs
  • Congratulations! Your club has been approved for affiliation and you're now part of the Swimming NSW family. Work through the steps below to get your club up and running.

    1) Review and understand the benefits available to your club (above) so you can take full advantage of them.

    2) Pay your club affiliation fee.

    3) Investigate the purchase of Meet Manager software so you can accept entries for your club nights online.

    • SDS Support - contact Helen Wood 0418 430 762

    4) Make note of:

    • your club's Meet Manager and Team Manager abbreviation (given to you by Swimming NSW).
    • your local area representative (given to you by Swimming NSW).
      • contact your area representative to check your obligations to the area
    • your ClubLANE login (given to you by Swimming NSW)
    • your Swim Online ID
    • Swimming NSW and Swimming Australia's membership fees

    5) Download your insurance Certificate of Currency.

    You may also find it useful to work through our Club Operational Guide which you can find here.

  • Take the video tutorial
  • This one hour tutorial is aimed at new Registrars but will give you a very good introduction to ClubLANE. It is recommended you log in to ClubLANE and follow along.

  • Set up your ClubLANE console
    1. Set up your committee members in your Committee tab
      • Note: your committee members have to be members before you can do this 
    2. Your committee members will be able to login to ClubLANE using their personal membership account username and password. If they do not know what this is, send them an email that will allow them to reset their login
    3. Enter your club banking details so Swimming Australia can deposit club fees to your account
    4. Have another committee member approve your banking details 
    5. Add your club membership fees in ClubLANE so your members can pay all applicable fees in one transaction online 
    6. If you offer discounts on your club fees when multiple members pay in the same transaction, set up discount packages to reflect this 
    7. Open online registrations for your members
    8. Transfer members from their old club to your club if needed

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