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The following video and screenshot guides will help you navigate your way through administering your club in ClubLANE. You'll also find general FAQs on this page that relate to administering club programs.

Additional ClubLANE help guides that are particularly helpful for Registrars during registration season can be found here.

For further support from Swimming NSW contact us at any time:

Greta Brodie (02 8047 8509)

Josh Karp (02 8047 8505)

Club Administration

  • How does our club get paid our club fees after our members make online payments?
  • When a member pays membership fees online the fee goes to Swimming Australia, who then pay the club their portion of the fee. Swimming Australia will deposit your fees to your nominated bank account on a bi-weekly basis.

    To view a list of payments made to your club by Swimming Australia, log in to ClubLANE and click on the Club tab, then your club name.

    The ClubLANE home page

    Scroll your tabs to the right until you reach your Payments tab.

    ClubLANE Payments tab

    The Payments area shows payments that have been completed and should show in your club's bank account. 

    List of payments in the ClubLANE Payments tab

    The Undistributed transactions button shows payments that have been received by Swimming Australia but have not yet been paid to your club's account.

    List of undistributed transactions in ClubLANE

    By clicking on the date link in the Payments area or clicking on the Undistributed transactions button, individual Payment Details will be shown.

    List of club payments that can be exported

    The Payment Details can be exported in a csv (comma separated value) or xls (Excel 97-2003) format for further analysis by the Recipients.  Select the data style preferred and then press the download button.

  • I want to view and/or export a list of all members of my club. How do I do this?

  • How can I email all of my club members at once?
  • The best way to do this is via your external email provider as there is no emailing facility available in ClubLANE.

    Before you follow along with this video you'll need to ensure you've exported a list of your members from ClubLANE into Excel (see video above)


  • Our club has a new Registrar. What do we do?
  • Swimming NSW needs to be informed when a new club registrar is appointed. Your club's President or Secretary will need to email notification to Greta Brodie ( In your email include the name of your club, your new Registrar's name, contact phone number and email address.

    Your club President or Secretary can then complete the following tasks in ClubLANE. If no one in your committee has access to ClubLANE please contact Greta Brodie.

    • Ensure your Registrar is a Financial member of your club. Your Registrar cannot hold a committee position and cannot be provided with access to ClubLANE without being a registered member.
    • Your Registrar will need to be added to your club's Committee tab in ClubLANE (see our FAQ How do I give or remove committee members access to ClubLANE?)
    • Your Registrar will need to be given a username and password to access ClubLANE. This is controlled via the Web Access section in their personal membership account (see our FAQ How do members get their username and password?)
  • How do I let Swimming NSW know about my club's new contact details?
  • Club's contact information tab in ClubLANE

    It is your club administrator’s responsibility to update and maintain your club’s contact details in ClubLANE. If your contact details change, it is very important that your Details tab in ClubLANE are updated to reflect the changes as soon as possible. Click on ‘Edit’ as shown below, to update contact name, email, phone, postage and delivery address details.

    If your public contact number or email changes, clubs need to let Swimming NSW know so that we can update the listing on our website. This ensures that members of the public (including potential members) are contacting the correct person at your club for information.

    If your club has not yet completed your 2018-19 Affiliation Form, please do so and then update ClubLANE accordingly.

    To get to the Details tab, from your ClubLANE home page click on your Club tab/your club name.


  • How do I check my club affiliation status in ClubLANE?
  • How do I change my committee role in ClubLANE?
  • How do I give or remove committee members' access to ClubLANE?
  • How do I add club terms and conditions for my members to agree to when they register?

Creating Groups in ClubLANE

General FAQ

  • I’m unsure of some terminology in ClubLANE. What do some of the terms mean?
  • Member Account Status terminology

    • Financial: Member’s registration fees have been paid for the current season.
    • Unfinancial: The member has fees owing on their membership account that have not yet been paid (i.e. their account will show they owe x dollars).
    • Lapsed: Member has not paid to renew their account, and has become Lapsed; the account is not in use.
    • Non-Paying: Used to describemembers who are not required to pay a registration fee (e.g. Life Members).

     Member Approval Status terminology

    • Approved: Club committee accepts the membership application.
    • Pending: Membership application has not yet been approved, or has been declined by the club committee.
    • Incomplete: A new member has attempted to register online but has stopped before completing payment. The member’s details are captured in ClubLANE to prevent the new member from having to re-enter all of their information. At this time, payment of their account has to be completed through ClubLANE by credit card.

     Other Membership terminology

    • Active: Member account is being used for the current season. Note: Active accounts can be either Financial (if fees have been paid) or un-financial (if fees are outstanding).
    • Reinstate: The process of bringing a membership account into use again after it has been Lapsed for a period of time. Reinstating an account will generate membership fees to be paid against the member’s account.
  • Can I get a refund for my membership?
  • Swimming NSW will not provide a refund for membership fees under any circumstance except that in which a technical error can be demonstrated.

    Your club MAY choose to refund their own component (or all) of a member’s fees by cash, cheque or EFT to their members. If a club does choose to reimburse a member for the entire membership fee they have paid (including Swimming Australia’s, Swimming NSW’s and their area’s fee portions), that club cannot claim reimbursement from the above-mentioned organisations for those fee portions.

    In the event a member experiences a technical error while performing a membership transaction which results in fees being debited from them more than once, the member can claim reimbursement/reversal of the duplicate transaction(s) from Swimming Australia.

    You as a club representative, or the member, can contact Greta Brodie at Swimming NSW (02 8047 8509 or or Swimming Australia directly (02 6219 5600 or to claim reimbursement. Proof of fees being debited more than once must be provided to claim reimbursement (e.g. copy of credit card or banking statement with all fields blacked out except the relevant transactions, etc.).

    Click here to read Swimming NSW’s full Refund Policy and Procedures.

  • What if my members don’t have a credit/debit card?
  • There are a few options available to members who wish to register, but do not have a credit/debit card. Note: the APT system only accepts Visa and MasterCard branded credit/debit cards.

    Some examples of these options are:

    1. Visa pre-paid charge card - this can be purchased in preset amounts from Australia Post. Once the amount has been spent they can be thrown away. Note: these cards must have a CCV number – the 3-digit number found on the back of the card).
    2. Travel Money Card (Commonwealth Bank) – a pre-paid credit/debit card that can be purchased at any Commonwealth Bank location for $15. This is a generic prepaid card - not assigned by name to any one person. Up to $25,000 can be loaded onto it at any time. The card lasts for 3 years before it expires, and you can re-load the card at any time by BPAY. You do not need a Commonwealth Bank account to purchase this card.
    3. Visa Gift cards - these have preset limits and can be disposed of once fully spent. These are available at Australia Post outlets, 7-Eleven stores and Caltex petrol stations.

    Note: these gift cards must also have a CCV number.

  • What if my members don’t have internet access?
  • There are several options that may be suitable for your member(s). For example:

    • Your club could run a Registration Day in which you provide a computer with internet access for your members to use.
    • Members may have family or friends who would be willing to provide internet access.
    • Community libraries offer free internet access to the public.
    • Internet cafés may be accessible to your members.
  • What happens if a member does not have an email address?
  • Swimming NSW highly recommends that all members have an email address as this is the main method we use to distribute important information.

    If this is not possible, a member is to enter in a friend or family member’s email address upon registration, so the system will continue with the remainder of the registration process.

Active Kids FAQ

  • What is the Active Kids Voucher Program?
  • From 31 January 2018, parents will be able to claim up to $100 per school child, per calendar year, as a voucher to reduce the cost of sport registration or membership fees for after-school, weekend and structured fitness or physical activity, that runs for a duration of eight weeks or more.

    The voucher can be redeemed towards payment of memberships or fees with an approved provider registered with the Active Kids Voucher program, each calendar year.

  • Who is eligible for a voucher?
  • Every child enrolled in school from Kindergarten to year 12 will be eligible for the Active Kids Voucher.

  • How do participants access the voucher?
  • From January 31, 2018, a parent or guardian can apply online at the Service NSW Website.

    Once the required information is completed, an alpha-numeric voucher code will be provided that can then be used to offset the cost of physical activity participation. The voucher can only be redeemed for one sport per calendar year Vouchers are valid for redemption during the current calendar year and will expire at the end of the calendar year. Vouchers cannot be used retrospectively. Ensure you contact your club prior to payment if you wish to use a voucher. 

  • How does a Club register to participate in the Active Kids Program?
  • Swimming NSW has registered all affiliated clubs in NSW with the Office of Sport. Club representatives should receive an email from Service NSW on 22 January 2018 with information to activate your account.  Providers must be approved and registered with the Office of Sport before accepting vouchers. If your club's representatives didn't receive this email, please contact


  • How will clubs verify vouchers once the program opens?
  • Clubs will be able to log into Service NSW and redeem participants vouchers.

  • How will the Club receive the money from the voucher?
  • From 1 March 2018, reimbursement to providers should occur within seven days of the redemption of vouchers, through the provider’s Active Kids - Service NSW account. Service NSW will deposit the money from the vouchers periodically into the club's nominated bank account. If the club's bank account is already in ClubLANE, the bank details will be automatically loaded in the Service NSW system.

  • What if my club’s registration fees are below $100?
  • Please note that providers will be reimbursed the actual value of the activity up to $100 and do not automatically receive $100 for each voucher. Providers cannot raise their fees above a reasonable level (i.e. pricing of participation shall not be increased directly as a result of the registration of a provider in Active Kids).

  • Can clubs retrospectively redeem vouchers?
  • No retrospective reimbursement of fees will be paid.  If membership fees have already been paid for the 2017-18 season, the voucher may be used for the 2018-19 season membership fees (normally paid in Sept/Oct 2018).

  • Who can I go to for help?
  • Further information on the Active Kids program can be found at

    For Club assistance, please contact

  • How will this work with online membership registrations?
  • There is currently no automatic button where members can input their voucher number in the registration process. However below is step by step instructions for the best method for redeeming vouchers for your club.

    Members are entitled to use their full $100 towards membership fees if they wish. The club will receive the full $100 from Service NSW initially, but the club will only be entitled the value of their club fees from the voucher. The club will be invoiced by Swimming NSW for all other fees that are not the club portion. SNSW will allocated those funds to the appropriate entities- National, State, Region. 

    Club fee portion of registration fees is less than $100 (i.e. total fees less then $167-$172 depending on area fees)

    Utilise 'manual pay' in ClubLANE.   The steps below outline the procedure.

    1. Prior to completing the below steps, unlink the member who will be redeeming the voucher from their linked family group. 
    2. Utilise ‘manual pay- cash’ in ClubLANE
    3. Member (or their parents) register through the website, but quit prior to payment (or have a current un-financial account)
    4. Swimmers (or their parents) will need to apply for a voucher themselves through the Service NSW website
    5. Swimmers provide the club with the voucher code
    6. Club committee member validates & redeems the voucher code through the Service NSW Active Kids Portal (you’ll need voucher code and member’s DOB). The club will receive the funds directly into the club's bank account.
    7. Club committee member selects ‘manual pay- CASH’ for the members membership fees up to $100 in ClubLANE
    8. If the total fee due is more than $100, the outstanding fee can be paid through MyLANE / payment email. The member will be financial once the outstanding fees have been paid
    9. If the total fee is less than $100, the member should now have a financial account
    10. The club will receive an invoice from Swimming NSW for the Swimming Australia, Swimming NSW and Area (if applicable) fees

    Club fee portion of registration fees is more than $100 (i.e. total fees more then $167-172 depending on area fees)

    Create a new “Active Kids Voucher” fee in the Fees & Discounts tab in ClubLANE, using the details below.

    • Member Type: Active Kids Voucher
    • Manually change relevant members into this Member Type
    • Description: For members who use the Active Kids Voucher for Membership Fees
    • Region Member Type: Swimmer
    • Valid for Joiners/ Valid for Reinstatement: leave un-ticked
    • Start Date: 1/10/2018
    • Club Fees: $100 less than your Swimmer fees
    • Lower Age Limit: 8
    • Renew as different Type: Optional. SNSW recommends choosing standard Swimmer type.

    The new membership category will enable the member to pay registration fees minus $100. Fees collected through ClubLANE will be directed to Swimming Australia, SNSW, Area (if applicable) and club (if applicable minus $100) as per normal.

    • New members: should use the ‘join now’ button as per normal, but quit prior to payment.  The club registrar will then be required to change the members category to the new ‘Active Kids Rebate Voucher’ category prior to payment.
    • Renewing members: will need the club registrar to update their category prior to payment.
  • How does our club access the Active Kids Portal?
  • The clubs Active Kids Portal will be linked to two committee members’ email addresses, that were provided to SNSW in January. If you are unsure which email addresses are linked or the committee members are no longer part of your club please email Greta Brodie for assistance.

    To access the portal, an account with Service NSW will need to be created under one of the above email addresses (if that email address does not have a Service NSW account already).

    Once logged in, hover over My Account in the top right hand corner. A drop down list should appear with the clubs name. Click on the clubs name.

    Click on the ‘Active Kids’ tab, and navigate around the portal to see where you can redeem & view voucher submissions.

    By visiting the ‘Delegations’ section, you can add additional committee members to access the account.

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