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Swim Central is our new whole of sport administration system. The following video and screenshot guides will help you navigate your way through administering your club in Swim Cental. You'll also find general FAQs on this page that relate to administering club programs.

Additional Swim Central help guides that are particularly helpful for members can be found here.

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For further support from Swimming NSW contact us at any time: admin@nsw.swimming.org.au.

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Club Administration

Membership FAQ

  • Life Members
  • Life Members are members who have been nominated by their club committee to receive lifetime membership at no cost. The predetermined nominations for Life Members are generally voted on according to the Club’s constitution, normally at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting with majority vote.

    The Life Membership is transferrable to any club, however if a Life Member becomes a First Claim member of a different club where they have not received Life Membership, they incur the club portion of the Swimmer or Non Swimmer membership cost. If a Life Member joins a club as a Second Claim member, they incur the club portion of that club’s membership fee.

    If your club has recently awarded a member with Life Membership, inform Swimming NSW at admin@nsw.swimming.org.au and we will help you move them into the Life Member membership category, which is a perpetual membership (no need to renew).

  • Joining Swim Central as a new member
  • Joining as a brand new member & adding a new member to an existing family group

    Click Here- updated June 2021

  • Making a Dependent user of Swim Central Independent so that they can take care of their own membership and entries (Graduating an account)
  • This can only occur once your child has turned 18. If the original independent member is going to remain a participant/member, the new independent member must uses their own email address (i.e. different to any other Over 18 user's email in the system)

    Click Here- updated August 2021

  • Transferring Clubs
  • Click Here- updated June 2021

  • How to Allow Debit Negative Balances
  • Click Here- Updated August 2021

General FAQ

  • Cheat Sheet for Members
  • Click here to download a useful help guide for Members of common tiles, icons, and terminology used in Swim Central, which may differ slightly from what you may be used to in the previous system.

    Updated January 2021

  • What do I need to consider when accessing Swim Central?
  • Swimming Australia requires that all users have an email address as this is the main method we use to distribute important information. This could be as part of a family group, where the parent/guardian 's email address is used to monitor/look after the dependants' own accounts.

    In other words, every member aged 18+ MUST have their own email address. That is, no email addresses can be the same as any other member over the age of 18.

    This occurs most often when clubs use one central email address to add members on behalf of those members, and can also occur when there is more than one parent/guardian signed up to the club, who may be using the same email address. To address this issue, we encourage one of those parents to either create a new email address, or use a work address, so that it become unique.

  • Resetting Passwords
  • Click Here- updated June 2021

  • Entering a meet in Swim Central
  • Click Here- updated June 2021

Meet/Event FAQs

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