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Your club's and members' insurance is brokered by the team at JLT Sport. Swimming NSW and the JLT Sport team are proud to be working with NSW Clubs and Areas since 2007.

Your club is covered for Public Liability and Management Liability when you pay your yearly affiliation fee to Swimming NSW.

Your members are covered for Injury Insurance when they pay their yearly membership fee to Swimming NSW.

For all insurance enquiries, including What's Covered and any other specific insurance questions, please contact JLT Sport directly on 1300 130 373 or alternatively visit the JLT Sport website.

Insurance Resources for Clubs

  • How to download your Certificate of Currency
  • Step 1: Before you attempt to download your Club/Area Certificate of Currency, please ensure that your Club/Area has paid their Affiliation fees to Swimming NSW for the season. You will not be able to download the Club/Area Certificate of Currency if this has not been paid. If you are unsure of these payments, please contact

    Step 2: Go to the JLT Sport website and click on "Certificate of Currency".

    Step 3: Select your State Association (SNSW) and Club/Area from the respective drop-down menus. You will be brought to a screen where you can download your Certificate of Currency.

    Note: You may be asked to complete a registration process after you log in to the JLT website - this is normal and does NOT mean there are any issues with your Certificate. Follow the prompts through the registration process. Upon completion, you will be able to download your Certificate.

  • Managing risk at your club
  • JLT Sport defines risk as the "possibility that something might happen that will affect your club or others associated with your club".

    The technical meaning (according to Standards Australia) is “the chance of something happening that will have an impact upon objectives. It is measured in terms of consequences and likelihood.” AS/NZS 4360:1999.

    Most people associate risk with negative or hazardous situations. In fact, JLT Sport describes that risks can be both negative and positive.

    Here is an example of a negative and a positive risk…

    • Negative Risk: A decline in your club's membership by more than 20 members
    • Positive Risk: An increase in your club's membership by more than 20 members

    For more information, see the Risk Management resources available on our Compliance & Regulation page.

  • Make a claim
  • Need to make an insurance claim? Click here to find out how.

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