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14 January 2019
Swim Central Home Page

Swim Central is our new whole of sport administration system and will replace ClubLANE and MyLANE as of April 2019. It will be rolled out to clubs one region at a time commencing 11 March. 

Data is currently being transferred from ClubLANE to Swim Central, therefore clubs and regions no longer have access to upload Documents to ClubLANE.

ClubLANE will continue to operate concurrently until the Swim Central roll out has been completed across NSW.

Each Monday of the roll out period a pilot week will commence for the unique area being rolled over. This means ClubLANE and Swim Central can be used concurrently by members and clubs within that area, but by the Friday of that week, ClubLANE should no longer be used.

Swimming NSW will run information sessions at key events and via webinar in the coming months. Keep an eye on our social media accounts and Hot off the Blocks club newsletter for important Swim Central updates and information session dates.

For more information contact Josh Karp, Operations Manager (02 8047 8505 or josh.karp@nsw.swimming.org.au).


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Swim Central action items for clubs

  • Unique email address required for members aged 18 and over
  • In order to ensure we can transition member accounts to Swim Central, all Active members aged 18 and over need to have a unique email address in their membership account (i.e. not the same email as another member in the database). This includes members who will be 18 from February 1, 2019.

    Active members include all members who are not Lapsed (i.e. Financial and Unfinancial, Swimmers, Non-Swimmers, Junior Dolphins and Life Members).

    Next steps for clubs

    • Export your ClubLANE Members Listing to Excel
    • Identify members aged 18 and over who do not have a unique email address associated with their account
    • Request a unique email address from these members.
  • Members under 18 need to be part of a linked family group with a parent primary member (aged 18 and over)
  • Swim Central requires that all members under 18 be part of a linked family group, with an adult aged 18 or over set as the primary member. This is not the case in ClubLANE, meaning not all members under 18 are part of a linked family, nor do all linked families currently have a parent set as the primary member.

    In order to smoothly transition linked families to Swim Central, a parent account needs to be added to family groups in ClubLANE where all linked family members are currently under 18, including the primary member.

    This does not mean that your club rules need to change – parents do not need to become paying members as they can be considered “participants” in the new Swim Central database.

    Key takeaway: all members under the age of 18 must be part of a family group. The primary member of this family group must be aged 18 or over.

    Next steps for clubs

    • Identify family groups that are made up of members aged under 18 with no parent registered
    • Ask a parent to create a member account through JOIN NOW! It is not necessary for them to make a membership payment
    • The parent should notify you when the account has been created
    • Re-link the family group so a parent aged 18 or over is the new primary member.

Your new club website

  • Websites need to be moved from Visage platform by March 2019
  • Over 200 clubs in NSW are currently using the APT Visage platform to host their website. Along with the transition to Swim Central, all websites are being transitioned to the new Interact website platform. At this time only 30 clubs have completed this transition process.

    It is important to note access to your current Visage website will be cut off at the end of March 2019 which means you will lose access to all site content.

    Swimming NSW strongly urge you make this website build a priority before access to Visage is cut off. Ideally, we would recommend having the build complete by the end of February. This will allow you time to receive maximum support from Swimming Australia, should there be any issues with your build/transition.

    Contact Greta Brodie for support and assistance (greta.brodie@nsw.swimming.org.au or 02 8047 8509).

Swim Central training and info session dates

  • Upcoming dates
  • Session Type Date Time Location RSVP
    Q&A/Info 23 February 2019 9am-10am

    Shane Gould Room

    Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

    Greta Brodie
    Q&A/Info 23 February 2019 11am-12pm

    Shane Gould Room

    Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

    Greta Brodie

What to do once you're in Swim Central

  • Set up meets in Swim Central
  • During roll over week, you will need to set up your club's current meets accepting entries and upcoming meets in Swim Central. If you are accepting entries for a meet while your Swim Central roll over occurs, all entries should be placed through Swim Central and entries should no longer be processed through ClubLANE.

    When your entries close you will still be able to export your entries file from ClubLANE. At that time you will also need to export your entries from Swim Central.

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