Swim Central Registration Season Online Session 3

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Date & Time
Wed, 20/10/2021 to Wed, 20/10/2021
Online via Zoom Webinar

Event Details

Does your club need help with Swim Central prior to the 2021/22 Registration Season?

Swimming NSW is facilitating a recorded training session for club committee members via Zoom on Wednesday 20 October from 7.30pm. This session will help clubs get up to date with all the events-related changes Swim Central has undergone over the last six months.

We strongly encourage participants to register their interest for Session 3.

Topics to be covered in Session 3 include (but not limited to):

Setting up an event in Swim Central (please note this does not include Meet Manager)
Associating an event to my calendar
Nominating relays for an event
Reporting for an event


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