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The Registrar is responsible for the registration of all club members and for maintaining an up to date register of club member information.

Take our New Registrar online orientation. It should take around one hour to complete.

Additional ClubLANE Help Guides and FAQs can be found here.

For further support from Swimming NSW contact us at any time:

Greta Brodie (02 8047 8509)

Josh Karp (02 8047 8505)


Registrar Duties

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Club Registrar duties can include:

    • To plan, prepare for and run club online registrations
    • To keep a register of the members of the club
    • To keep a register of all Birth Certificates sighted
    • To manage all transfers of members from other clubs and adjust the register accordingly
    • To examine and check with the Race Secretary all entries for, birthdate, age etc.

2018-2019 Registration Season

First Claim, Second Claim and Life Members

  • What is the difference between a First Claim and a Second Claim member?
  • First Claim members have the right to vote, participate in club based activities and represent their club at inter club, area, state or national events.

    Second Claim members are members who already have First Claim membership with another club and who wish to join another club for purposes such as training and/or participating in club nights. They may have the opportunity to compete and participate in club based activities, including club championships, but this is dependent upon the constitution and by-laws of the Second Claim club. Generally, Second Claim members cannot vote at General Meetings of their Second Claim Club. Clubs have the right to charge a full or partial club fee to Second Claim members.

  • How do I add a new Second Claim member account?
  • Second Claim accounts are administered by Swimming NSW, therefore if you wish to add a Second Claim member to your club, send a request email containing the member’s name, membership number and First Claim club name to Greta Brodie(

  • How do I renew a Second Claim account?
  • Second Claim accounts are integrated with First Claim membership accounts in ClubLANE, therefore your Second Claim members will become Unfinancial on the first day of the new membership season and will not be Financial until the member’s First Claim account is renewed. If a member was Second Claim with your club last season but will not continue to be Second Claim with your club this year, send an email to Greta Brodie ( requesting that the member is removed from your club

  • Can I access any of my Second Claim members’ accounts?
  • A Second Claim member’s account “belongs” to their First Claim club, so only the First Claim club can open/view the member’s account in ClubLANE. The Second Claim club can retrieve a member’s contact and personal information by exporting a list of your members from your Members tab

  • What is a Life Member?
  • Life Members are members who have been nominated by their club committee to receive lifetime membership at no cost. The predetermined nominations for Life Members are generally voted on according to the Club’s constitution, normally at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting with majority vote.

    Those who hold a Life Membership have full competition privileges. For example, a 'Swimmer' may be listed as a Life Member, but does not require to be reflected as a 'Swimmer' member type in order to compete.

    The Life Membership is transferrable to any club, however if a Life Member becomes a First Claim member of a different club where they have not received Life Membership, they incur the club portion of the Swimmer or Non Swimmer membership cost.  If a Life Member joins a club as a Second Claim member, they incur the club portion of that club’s membership fee. 

  • How do I add a new Life Member account?
  • Life Member already has an account in your database

    If a new Life Member has been voted in, and this member already has an account in your ClubLANE database, edit their member type to make them a Life Member.

    Life Member does not have an account in your database

    If the member does not have an account in ClubLANE, add a new account and nominate their member type as Life Member.

  • How do I renew a Life Member?
  • As long as your Life Members were made financial for the 2015-2016 registration season, they will remain financial over the years until they are manually Lapsed by a Club. The only circumstances in which Life Members should be lapsed are:

    • the member has passed
    • the member has had their life membership revoked

FAQ & ClubLANE Help Guides for Registrars

Setting up ClubLANE

Registration Season

MyLANE and membership renewal FAQ

  • Where can I find MyLANE?
  • Direct URL:

    Swimming NSW website (

    MyLANE on the Swimming NSW website

    Club and Area websites

    MyLANE on a club website in NSW


  • How do members get their login details for MyLANE?
  • Club committee members can provide login details to their club members. See the FAQ above: How do members get their username and password?

    Tip: make sure you have set the oldest Swimmer in each of your families as the primary member. See the FAQ above: How do I link members together as families?

  • How do members pay their membership fees in MyLANE?
  • After you have completed all tasks in registration checklists #1 and #2, your members will have fees charged to their accounts. When your members log in to MyLANE they will see the message below and can click to pay by credit card.

    Picture showing CTA button in MyLANE when money is owing
  • What can and can’t members do in MyLANE?
  • Members can:

    • Pay their membership fees in full by credit card or credit-debit card
    • Log in as the primary member in their family to pay for all family members in one transaction
    • Add a new member to their family before making a payment
    • Update their address and contact information
    • Update their username and password
    • Download a receipt for their membership payment

    Members can’t:

    • Remove family members from their invoice
    • Change the member type they or family members are renewing as (e.g. from Non-Swimmer last season to Swimmer this season)
    • Make part-payments
    • Pay for their whole family when logged in as someone who is not the family’s primary member
  • What does a member renewal email look like when the member receives it?
  • An example of a renewal email sent to a member
  • How does the renewal process work for members?
  • Members begin by reading through and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, then they click Continue.

    T&Cs on the membership renewal screen

    They check over the details of the member(s) they are renewing, then click Continue.

    Membership renewal example 2

    Members are able to check over their invoice to ensure it is correct then click Continue to proceed.

    Example membership renewal invoice


    Members enter their credit card details and click Next.

    Example credit card screen to pay for membership fees


    Click Take Payment. Your card will be charged and a confirmation message will appear to let you know your payment has been processed. You can log in to MyLANE to download a copy of your receipt.

    Membership renewal confirmation screen

Member Transfers

Relating to membership accounts

  • How do I edit a membership account?
  • How do I edit a membership account in ClubLANE?

    Search for the member - from your ClubLANE home page, type the member's name into the Person search box and select them with your cursor.

    Once you are on their page, click on any of the links circled in red.

    As a Registrar, you can edit: (see red boxes in image)

    • Web Access (MyLANE)
    • Contacts
    • Email address
    • Phone numbers
    • Personal Address
    • Approval Status
    • Member Type

    You will need to ask Swimming NSW to edit: (see purple boxes in image)

    • First Name
    • Surname
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Meet Manager ID


  • How do members get their username and password?
  • As a club committee member, you can give members their login one of two ways:

    1. Click on “Send Password Reset Email”. This will send the member a link to reset their password. Make sure the member’s most updated email address is linked to their account before sending this email. This ensures the email will reach them.
    How do members get their username and password from ClubLANE


    1. Update the login details yourself, then inform the member of the login you’ve set for them. After you've informed the member of their new login, let the member know they can login to MyLANE to update their details further if they wish.
    How do members get their username and password from ClubLANE
    How do members get their username and password from ClubLANE


  • How do I upgrade or change a member's member type?
  • What do I do if I come across a duplicate account for one of my members?
  • Member accounts cannot be merged in ClubLANE. If you come across duplicate accounts in your database, please send an email containing the member’s name and membership numbers to Greta Brodie ( for correction. Swimmers in particular have to keep the oldest account they have in ClubLANE as this is where their results are likely stored.

  • How do I lapse a member's account?
  • There are three situations in which you may need to Lapse a member account in ClubLANE:

    1) The member is no longer involved in swimming
    2) A member is suspended from your club as a result of disciplinary action
    3) A member passes.

    To Lapse an account:

    Click Lapse as shown below

    How do I cancel a membership account in ClubLANE?

    Select Reason Lapsed from the first drop down box (only option available), then click Save.

    How do I cancel a membership account in ClubLANE?


  • Can I access a copy of a member's payment receipt?
  • How do I check a member's transaction history?

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