Race Secretary

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The Race Secretary is responsible for the planning, running and administration that goes into a club's swimming competitions. This can include creating meet programs, advertising meets, accepting entries and entry fees, running your club competitions, and posting results after meets are conducted.

If you'd like to run an Approved meet at your club (i.e. the results from your meet can be used to enter Swimming NSW events), you will need to follow our Meet Approval Process to gain meet approval.

A variety of helpful resources for Race Secretaries can be found below.


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Race Secretary Resources

  • Roles and Responsibilites
    • Arrange all aspects of running the club swimming competitions
    • Oversee the conduct of all club competitions
    • Prepare competition programmes in cooperation with key officials
    • Coordinate key staff for all competitions
    • Liaise with pool staff and all other officials
    • Work with media and assist in arranging interviews
    • Liaise with swimmers, coaches, parents, team managers and all other club officials
    • Conduct an evaluation after all competitions and report to the club committee
    • Have a copy and be familiar with Swimming NSW and Swimming Australia competition rules

Technical Official Resources

  • Resources for your Officials
  • You can find a variety of Technical Official resources on this page, including:

    • Timekeeper Lane Allocation Form
    • Referees Report
    • Technical Official Sign on Sheet
    • Meet Directors Checklist
    • Protest and Jury of Appeal Information
    • Protest Form
    • Appointments Template
    • Rule Infraction Report Card

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