The Fast Lane to Coaching - Her Way

29 January 2023
Female Coach Swimming NSW

Swimming NSW and Swim Coaches and Teachers Association NSW (SCTA NSW) want to empower potential and current female swim coaches and swim teachers by offering them opportunities for further education and leadership which are cost effective, accessible, inspiring and welcoming.

This January, Swimming NSW was awarded a significant $50,000 grant as part of the NSW Government's Her Sport Her Way program, which aims to build a stronger NSW sport sector where women and girls are valued, recognised, and have equal choices and opportunities to lead and participate.

The grant program provides support to NSW State Sporting Organisations to develop and deliver new initiatives to increase participation of women and girls in sport, on and off the field, and build cultures of diversity and inclusion. 

Delivered through Swimming NSW's key partner SCTA NSW, the new "Fast Lane to Coaching - Her Way" project will provide opportunities for upcoming female candidates to undertake base level coaching courses, current female coaches to progress to more advanced qualifications, and elite level female coaches to provide mentoring and leadership to those moving up through the ranks.

The Fast Lane to Coaching Her Way will create educational opportunities for all levels of female swim coaches by providing fee free and regionally-based courses, specifically for females, and presented by females.

Overall, the goals of this program are to:

  • increase the capacity of less experienced coaches
  • improve the standard of swimming and water safety in local communities
  • retain current female coaches
  • remove some of the main barriers to participation for women such as travel, cost, and time, and
  • increase the number of elite female coaches

Follow SCTA NSW's Facebook page to stay up to date on opportunities that will be offered through the Fast Lane to Coaching - Her Way program. For more information and to express interest in the program, contact

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