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SWIM Coaches & Teachers New South Wales is the state-level governing body for swimming coaches and swimming and water safety teachers in NSW. SWIM NSW seeks to further SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia's national objective of achieving the growth and prosperity of swimming as an essential life skill, component of health and fitness, and competitive sport.

They also seek to improve professional standards for swimming Coaches and swimming and water safety Teachers through education, accreditation, professional development, and ethical practice.

SWIM Coaches & Teachers New South Wales Board

President: Ben Tuxford

Secretary: Lynn Elliott

Treasurer: Justin Rothwell

Members: Jennifer Noel, Gavin Stewart, Simon Watkins, Ben Jenkinson, Debby Tattoli, Ben Tuxford, Alex Clarke, Matt McSorley

Swimming NSW Liaison: Darren Howard; coaching@nsw.swimming.org.au

Governing Documents

SWIM Coaches & Teachers New South Wales Constitution

SWIM Coaches & Teachers New South Wales Directors Duties

SWIM New South Wales Coaching Pool Deck Access Policy

Join the coaching community

Contact Darren Howard, Swimming NSW Coaching Coordinator: coaching@nsw.swimming.org.au

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Technical Officials

Keep abreast of our Technical Officials pages, including how TO's become accredited, recent rule changes, and policies they must abide by while at Swimming NSW-endorsed meets.

Join our Technical Officials Facebook Group.

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