2018-19 Summer Leader Board explodes with quadruple the competitors

03 June 2019
Ocean swimming in NSW

We live in a country surrounded by beautiful beaches and oceans - and nothing says summer quite like ocean swimming. Ocean swimming is a favourite Australian past time, and is a great way to stay mobile and fit through all seasons of your life. 

This summer, Sydney and Central Coast locals showed us just how much they love ocean swimming with over 2,800 competitors vying for the top spot in our 2018-19 Summer Leader Board Series!

The Swimming NSW Summer Leader Board Series launched for the first time in summer 2017-18. We joined forces with some of Sydney's most iconic open water 5km events to create a fun and competitive swim series, designed to encourage Australians to jump into the drink for fitness and to have fun.

In it's inaugural year, the Swimming NSW Summer Leader Board attracted 678 competitors total to swim their best 5k across 5 ocean swimming events.

This summer, the Summer Leader Board exploded, mirroring seasoned ocean swimmers' enthusiasm for the friendly competition. This year the Leader Board's competitor count quadrupled from the previous summer. Our 5km series expanded to include 7 iconic ocean swimming events in the Sydney area, kicking off on 27 October at the Husky Hop and concluding at the much-loved Balmoral Swim on 7 April.

New to our Leader Board this summer was our 2km ocean swimming series. This quick, fresh competitive series included 3 events based around the NSW Central Coast: Toowoon Bay Ocean Swim, Bondi to Bronte and Terrigal Ocean Swims. The premiere 2km Leader Board series was a smashing success, attracting over 1800 competitors!

We can't wait to see what next summer brings for the Swimming NSW Summer Leader Board Series!

5km Series Winners

Congratulations to our 5km series age category winners:

19 & Under Winners
Caitlin Risstrom (35 points)
Carl Sorensen (26 points)

20-29 Years Winners
Jen Gold (28 points)
Callum Greenshields (33 points)

30-39 Years Winners
Joanne Wilson (34 points)
Matt Robertson (52 points)

40-49 Years Winners
Susan Elliott (37 points)
Craig Mahoney (59 points)

50-59 Years Winners
Claire Owen (37 points)
Jeff Gamble (48 points)

60+ Years Winners
Susan McCreery (20 points)
Brian Standlick (42 points)

2km Series Winners

Congratulations to our 2km series age category winners:

19 & Under Winners
Ellie Richardson (20 points)
Carl Sorensen (20 points)

20-29 Years Winners
Audrey Cremer (11 points)
Tie: Daniel McMahon, Keegan Ross, Bradley Woodward (10 points each)

30-39 Years Winners
Rebecca Beisler (17 points)
Tie: Matt Zalbergs, Michael Bacina, Robert Coote, Blair Chapman (10 points each)

40-49 Years Winners
Janey Eder (13 points - correction)
Daniel Kingsley (20 points)

50-59 Years Winners
Tie: Therese Adami, Katie Diamond, Carolyn Kelly (10 points each)
Tie: Michael Fox, Jeff Gamble, Philip Vivian, Geoff Morgan (10 points each)

60+ Years Winners
Tie: Lisa Critoph, Susan McCreery, Fran Lake (10 points each)
Bevan McGregor (16 points)


5km Events

  • Husky Hop
  • Metro South West Open Water Championships
  • 5 Beaches Swim
  • VladSwim Challenge
  • Sydney Harbour Splash
  • Cole Classic
  • Balmoral Swim for Cancer

2km Events

  • Toowoon Bay Ocean Swim
  • Bondi to Bronte
  • Terrigal Ocean Swims


Head to our Leader Board website today to view our full final 5km and 2km series pointscores. 

If you're an event organiser interested in becoming part of a future Summer Leader Board series contact Vinh Tran for more information.

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