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Swimming NSW has historically provided developmental opportunities for athletes and coaches within the State Development Framework. Swimming Technical Officials (TOs) are an important aspect of our sport and, as such, we have provided a structured Development Framework and Curriculum. This ensures we offer pathways for TOs to develop in the sport, whilst also focusing on TO retention into the future.

2021 Development Program

Swimming NSW are unfortunately unable to conduct face-to-face training and coaching for developing officials in 2021.

As such the TSC are very excited to announce that they will be presenting a series of webinars. The target group for the webinar series are developing officials and officials that are interested in officiating at state level meets.

The series of five (5) webinar will be presented in an online interactive format for approximately 45 mins - 1 hour, and will include the following topics:

  • 6 October – An introduction to the control room at state meets and an introduction to reading quantum slips
  • 13 October – An introduction to mentoring and coaching for developing officials
  • 27 October  – An introduction to self-assessment and continued improvement
  • 3 November – Decision making under pressure, including starting decisions
  • 10 November – Dealing with DQ’s, DQ queries, Protests and Jury of appeal

Click Here to find out more and to register for one or more of these five webinars

For any further information, please email Josh Karp.

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