Gold Rush for Mighty Blues at the 2023 Para World Swimming Series

20 February 2023

It was a big weekend for our Mighty Blues at the 2023 Para World Swimming Series event held at MSAC in Melbourne from the 17th-19th February.

Timothy Hodge (ACU Blacktown) led the medal charge after winning 3 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze in the Series. He also managed to better his own World Record in his pet 200m Individual Medley (SM9) event, in a lightning-fast time of 2:13.38. Congratulations to Tim and his coach, Misha Payne!

Jasmine Greenwood (Bay & Basin ASC), who recently made the move to the Para Performance Training Centre at the AIS under coach Martin Roberts, also produced some stellar results with a gold in the 200m Individual Medley (SM10) event and 100m Backstroke (S10).

Jade Lucy (SLC Aquadot) was flying in the 200m Freestyle (S14), where she took out gold in a time of 2:19.69. She also managed to pick up a bronze medal in the 400m Freestyle (S14) and finished in 8th place in the 50m Butterfly (S14).

Ricky Betar (Cruiz Swim Club) took out silver in the 50m Freestyle (S14), and narrowly finished 4th in the 100m Backstroke (S14).

Jarred Dyer (Wollongong Swim Club) also stunned in the 50m Butterfly (S14), taking home the bronze medal in a time of 28.03.

All eyes will be on these Mighty Blues as they aim to make a splash in next month's NSW State Open Championships, to be held from the 10th-12th March.


2023 Para World Swimming Series- NSW Results:

Timothy Hodge (ACU Blacktown)


200m Individual Medley SM9 (World Record)

100m Backstroke S9

400m Freestyle S9


100m Butterfly S9

50m Backstroke S9


100m Breaststroke SB9

50m Freestyle S9

Jasmine Greenwood (Bay & Basin ASC)


200m Individual Medley SM10


100m Backstroke S10

Jade Lucy (SLC Aquadot)


200m Freestyle S14


400m Freestyle S14

Ricky Betar (Cruiz Swim Club)


50m Freestyle S14

Jarred Dyer (Wollongong Swim Club)


50m Butterfly S14



McKinley Arnison (Alstonville SC) - 7th 50m Freestyle S9

                                                           7th 100m Freestyle S9

                                                           6th 400m Freestyle S9

Oscar Stubbs (SOPAC SC) -           5th 50m Freestyle S13

Hannah Price (Campbelltown ASC) - 6th 400m Freestyle S9

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