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One of the best ways to attract members to your club is through marketing and promotional activities. Promotional activities should take place at key times of the year such as:

  • before and during membership registration season
  • to advertise a major event at your club
  • to advertise a Take Your Marks come and try event
  • before your AGM to spark interest

You can advertise important events at your club or create general awareness of your club through a number of promotional channels such as:

  • on your club website
  • through your club social media platforms
  • through your club email list
  • by posting an article in a local newspaper or school newsletter
  • by posting flyers on community board in local shopping centres, leisure centres and at your pool

Marketing materials

We've created a range of marketing materials to help clubs with their registration promotions and recruiting vital volunteer support from their club members. Click on the links below to access these materials, which can be printed off or used digitally.

  • Club Marketing Toolkit - features a range of social media images, editable pdf flyers and promotional copy to help clubs promote their registration seasons.
  • Technical Official Marketing Toolkit - features a range of social media images, editable pdf flyers and promotional copy to help with recruiting the next generation of Technical Officials at your club.
  • "Bring a friend" Speedo Heats Marketing Toolkit - features a range of social media images, editable pdf flyers and promotional copy to help encourage members to bring a friend to Speedo Heats.
  • Swimming Times record booklets - a printable booklet to keep a record of swimmers' times. We recommend printing this document as a double-sided booklet (on a single A4 and folded to A5). You can also print off additional inserts as your booklet grows!

Autographed collateral

From time to time we have collateral on hand that has been autographed by members of the Australian Dolphins Swim Team (t-shirts, caps, posters, etc.). If you are running an auction or hosting a give away, we would love to help out with a contribution.

Contact for more information.


We're moving to the Club House soon

All club-focused content will soon move to the Club House ( - Swimming NSW's new digital support resource created solely for grassroots administrators.

We invite you to explore the Club House today to see what's available there for clubs, and to learn your way around.

Visit the Club House now or learn more about the site here.

Additional Promotional Resources

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