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Your club could be eligible for a range of state and federal government grants and funding opportunities to assist with the costs of new and improved infrastructure, the development and delivery of sport programs, and purchasing equipment.

We regularly notify clubs of these opportunities. We also maintain a list of current opportunities here. Take a look at our list below to see what is available to help your club with vital funding assistance right now.

Before applying for a government grant, you might find it helpful to read these tips:

  • Centre for Volunteering Supplementary Grants Program
  • The Australian Government has provided The Centre for Volunteering with funding to administer a Supplementary Grants program to volunteer involving organisations.

    The purpose of the funding is to support the efforts of New South Wales’ volunteers as well as to encourage and increase participation in volunteering by on-funding grants to provide small amounts of money that organisations and community groups can use to help their volunteers.

    The supplementary volunteer grants are designed to support volunteer-involving organisations with a high proportion (over 40%) of volunteers to:

    • Help support the efforts of Australia’s volunteers;
    • Help support the inclusion of vulnerable people through volunteering;
    • Encourage, support and increase participation in volunteering;
    • Post COVID-19 re-engagement activities for volunteers; and
    • Adapting practices to support volunteers’ safety in relation to COVID-19.

    The intended outcome of the grants is to strengthen community functioning by increasing participation in volunteering.

    Grants of between $1,000 – $5,000 are available to enable volunteer involving organisations to strengthen community functioning by increasing participation in volunteering. A total pool of $748,000 will be available within New South Wales.

    Applications close 11.59 pm, 20 September 2020. Find out more about eligibility criteria and apply here.

  • Australian Sports Foundation Active Kids Grant
  • The Active Kids Grants aim to provide every child with the active childhood they deserve! By helping clubs with additional funds to supply them with the equipment they need, we can help increase junior participation at clubs.
    In light of the devastating events Australian sport has experienced this year, the grants will be focusing on volunteer run grassroots and community clubs and will provide funding for kit and equipment for with members aged under 20, with priority given to clubs in disadvantaged and/or rural communities.
    Applications will be accepted from 1 September to 30 September with suggested grant values up to $10,000 to fund projects that will acquire sporting equipment, sporting kits and uniforms.

    Find out more and apply here.

  • Local Sport Grant Program
  • The Office of Sport's Local Sport Grant Program aims to increase regular and on-going participation opportunities in sport in NSW.  Through this program we are working towards our goals to achieve: 

    • Participation: Everyone in NSW participating in Sport and active recreation throughout their life 
    • Places and Spaces: Everyone in NSW having access to places and spaces for sport and active recreation
    • Sector Sustainability: The sector continues to grow sport and active recreation across NSW. 

    The Local Sports Grant funding is available across all electorates in NSW.

    There are four project types within the Program:

    1.    Sport Development
    2.    Sport Event
    3.    Sport Access
    4.    Sport Facility

    Applicants will be required to identify the type of project for which they are applying as different information is required for each project type. An organisation may apply for more than one project but must register separate projects for different project types. 

    Applications close 5 pm, Wednesday 7 October 2020. For more information and to apply click here.

  • Para-sport Equipment Fund
  • This fund is designed to provide opportunities for Australians with disabilities to participate and compete in Para-sport by addressing the challenges associated with the high cost of Para-sport equipment.

    Applications for Round 5 have been extended and will close at 5.00 pm on Friday, 6 November 2020

    For information on eligibility requirements and the selection process, and to apply, click here

  • Damien Greer Lawyers Community Grant
  • The Damien Greer Lawyers Community Grant program recognises and celebrates organisations that strive to make a positive impact within their local community.

    Eligible organisations can apply for a community grant of $1,000. There are 5 grants available in 2020.

    Organisations that meet at least one of the below criteria are eligible to apply:

    • Promote sustainable environmentally friendly practices within the community
    • Support health and wellbeing initiatives
    • Provide services in the local community
    • Facilitate community awareness and education programs
    • Support at-risk and/or in need individuals in the local community

    Applications close 15 November 2020. Find out more and apply here.

  • City of Sydney Council quick response grants
  • The City of Sydney's quick response grants sponsors a wide variety of projects and support individuals and projects that contribute to:

    • increased engagement of individuals and teams in sporting, academic, cultural and environmental fields
    • improved relative equality, resilience and adaptive capacity of the city's diverse communities
    • enhanced positive social, cultural and sustainability outcomes for local communities related to the support for City strategic priorities.

    To help individuals and organisations through the COVID-19 pandemic, City of Sydney Council are releasing an extra $500,000 in quick response grants.

    These are rolling grants – there is no application deadline. Find out more and apply here.  

  • Budget Direct Sponsorship
  • Budget Direct Sponsorships help groups in their efforts to build happy and healthy neighbourhoods by providing financial assistance for those striving to make a difference in their local community. Amounts of $1000 - $5000 are available for organisations, which includes sports clubs that promote health and wellbeing.

    Each year, there are four rounds of sponsorship funding. Round 1 applications for 2020/21 financial year will open on 1 July 2020. For more information and to apply, click here.

  • ClubGRANTS Category 2 Fund
  • This grant supports general community development and support activities, such as junior sport/grassroots sport. There is no standard funding amount due to the different sizes of clubs and areas. It is advisable to contact the Local Committee and consider the amount the amount of funding available in your area. The grant is administered by the NSW Government and is available year-round.

    To be eligible, you must be a not-for-profit organisation and provide the following projects and/or services:

    • community welfare or social services
    • community development
    • community health services or employment assistance activities.

    You are also eligible if your organisation is involved in community or professional sport.

    For more information and to apply, click here.

  • The Awesome Foundation
  • The Awesome Foundation is an international philanthropic organisation devoted to forwarding the interest of awesomeness in the universe. Every month TAF award a no-strings-attached grant of $1,000 to a project deemed ‘Awesome.’ Projects include – innovative ideas, ideas with passion and purpose, local projects and community benefit. Anyone is eligible for a grant — individuals, groups, and organisations alike.

    Visit The Awesome Foundation for more information and to apply.

  • The Dylan Alcott Foundation
  • Support inclusivity at your club. The Dylan Alcott Foundation is committed to helping young Australians with disabilities overcome the barriers of entry to sport and education by providing fundraising for grants, scholarships and mentoring.

    You can find out if any of your members are eligible and encourage them to apply here

  • Play for Purpose - Sports and Charity Raffle
  • Proudly supported by Sport Australia, Play For Purpose is an innovative fundraising solution, that rewards both clubs and supporters alike! This world-first fundraising raffle is free for clubs to participate in, and gives clubs access to large prize pools and powerful e-commerce technology, with no financial risk.

    Find out more and apply today here

  • Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC) program
  • The Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC) program aims to give the thousands of small rural, regional and remote communities across Australia an opportunity to apply for funding that can support broad community needs. This program is an evolution of the long-running Small Grants for Rural Communities (SGRC) program that FRRR ran for 34 rounds over a 16-year period. 

    The program criteria are deliberately flexible, and with applications being accepted all year round, communities have increased access to funds that can be used where and when a community knows it’s needed.

    For more information and to apply, click here.

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