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Swimming NSW's volunteer-run committees assist the Board in implementing the organisation's strategic plan across a variety of areas integral to the success of our sport.

It is with our members in mind that these committees work closely with the Board to review the current landscape, advise of appropriate changes and implement new strategies for growth and retainment of members; ensuring longevity for the organisation and its associations.

We are now accepting nominations for our 2022 Management Committees. For more information and to apply, download the application form found on our Resources page.

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Audit & Risk Committee

Committee Members

 Kerryn Divall (Chair) Alexsis Dodwell David Kennedy
Todd Stevenson Tim Le Forest  

Also attending staff members CEO Kirsten Thomson and Finance Manager Michelle Boon

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Selection Committee

Committee Members

Neil Rogers Lynn Lonngren Anita Hancock
  • Duties & Responsibilities
    1. The Chief Executive Officer shall appoint a selection committee comprising three (3) Individual Members from three separate Clubs.  If appointed, the Team Head Coach of the Team being selected shall be an ex-officio member of the selection committee.
    2. On every occasion when a team is to be selected to represent New South Wales, the Chief Executive Officer shall notify the selection committee of its requirements.  The selection committee shall by a specified time submit to the Chief Executive Officer a list of names of Individual Members totalling the number required by the Chief Executive Officer and graded in such a manner as the selection committee, in the absence of any direction from the Board or Chief Executive Officer, considers appropriate to the type of team or squad required.  The selection committee may further, at its discretion, recommend an increase or decrease in the team complement.  The Board shall have the right to adopt the recommendations in whole or part.  It may reject any recommended Individual Member but shall not add to the list without a prior recommendation from the selection committee.
    3. All Company representatives shall have been first claim members of a Club for a period of six (6) months before selection.

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Competitions Committee

Committee Members

Neil Rogers (Chair) Adam Kable
(asctaNSW Representative)
Simon Watkins
Nick Keith Jen Noel Shannon Rollason 
Ariel Darley Bruce Innes  

Also attending staff members Event Manager Greta Brodie, Coaching Director Jon Shaw, CCMO James Hickman

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Technical Swimming Committee

Committee Members

Graham Towle OAM (Chair) David Cooper Faye Lewis
Kayleen Murphy Peter Shell John Williams

Also attending staff member General Manager - Participation & Engagement, Josh Karp.

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