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Swimming NSW Policies & Procedures

SAL Safe Sport Framework - Launched 29th July 2016

Privacy Policy

Refund Policy

Anti-Doping Policy 

Risk Management Policy

Safe Diving Depth Policy

Sun Protection Guidelines

Competition Clearance Policy

Entry Procedures Policy

New Club Admission Policy

School Swim Meet Policy for the Recognition of Qualifying Times


Board and Committee Policies

Code of Ethics & Confidentiality Policy

Board and Committee Reimbursement Policy 

Board of Directors Charter 


Additional Policies

SAL Behavioural Guidelines

Field of Play Access Policy

Debtors Collection Procedures

Intellectual Property Policy

SAL Intellectual Property Framework

Governing Documents

Swimming NSW Constitution - reviewed July 2015

Swimming NSW By- Laws - updated December 2016

Swimming NSW Rules - updated May 2016

To view the specific changes to the rules, please click HERE

Swimming NSW Appendices - updated Dec 2016

Swimming NSW Strategic Plan - updated April 2015 

Swimming NSW Values Statement - updated April 2015

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