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Projects & Membership Committee

Duties And Responsibilities

(a)    The functions of the projects and membership committee shall be to:
         (i)    develop and implement programs and projects to enhance the sport of swimming;
         (ii)    develop and implement strategies and resources to enhance membership recruitment
                and retention for all levels of the sport;
         (iii)   promote, encourage and develop resources to assist Clubs in the delivery of learn to swim programs;
         (iv)   examine, propose and implement strategies to maximise the transition of learn
                to swim participants to Swimmer category Club members;
         (v)   act as an operational work group to ensure the completion of the Company’s
                projects and implementation of policy;
         (vi)   arrange as authorised by the Chief Executive Officer, forums, seminars and
                workshops disseminating the latest information;
        (vii)   plan, develop and , where required, deliver training programs that meet the
                needs of members and Member Associations;
        (viii)  liaise with Member Associations and school organisations, including the NSW
                Department of School Education, to provide training and resources for the efficient
                operation of swimming activities and meets.
         (ix)   ongoing review of educational publications and materials; and
         (x)   generally comply with the provisions of By-Law 16.

(b)    The membership of the projects and membership committee shall be:
         (i)    five (5) suitably qualified Individual Members appointed by the Chief Executive Officer;
         (ii)   subject to By Law 23b (ii), to ensure rotational terms, three (3) members of
                the Committee shall retire in the first year and two (2) members the
                year after, but will be available for re-appointment; and
         (iii)   a staff member who shall provide secretarial support for the projects and membership committee.

(c)    The Chief Executive Officer will appoint a chair.  

(d)    Each other member with the exception of the staff member shall have one (1) vote.

(e)    The operation of the projects and membership committee shall be as agreed
        by the projects and membership committee members from time to time.


Committee Members

Rob Tweddle

David Kennedy

Judy Wartmann

David Hansen

Callum Morrison

Secretarial support is provided by Swimming NSW Operations Manager, Josh Karp.

The Swimming NSW Project & Membership Committee has developed a number of programs and resources specifically to address needs identified at a Club and Area level. To view these programs please navigate to the club information on the website.


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