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Active Kids Vouchers

Information for clubs


Accessing the Swimming Clubs Active Kids Portal

Redeeming Vouchers for Members

Unfortunately, there is currently no automatic button where members can input their voucher number in the registration process. However below is step by step instructions for the best method for redeeming vouchers for your club.

Members are entitled to use their full $100 towards membership fees if they wish. The club will receive the full $100 from Service NSW initially, but the club will only be entitled the value of their club fees from the voucher. The club will be invoiced by Swimming NSW for all other fees that are not the club portion. SNSW will allocated those funds to the appropriate entities- National, State, Region. 

If club portion of the fees are less than $100 (i.e. total is less than $169-174 depending on area fees):


If your club portion of fees are more than $100:

o   Member Type: Active Kids Voucher

o   Manually change relevant members into this Member Type

o   Description: For members who use the Active Kids Voucher for Membership Fees

o   Region Member Type: Swimmer

o   Valid for Joiners/ Valid for Reinstatement: leave un-ticked

o   Start Date: 1/10/2018

o   Club Fees: $100 less than your Swimmer fees

o   Lower Age Limit: 8

o   Renew as different Type: Optional. SNSW recommends choosing standard Swimmer type.

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