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Active Kids Vouchers FAQs

What is the Active Kids Voucher Program?

From 31 January 2018, parents will be able to claim up to $100 per school child, per calendar year, as a voucher to reduce the cost of sport registration or membership fees for after-school, weekend and structured fitness or physical activity, that runs for a duration of eight weeks or more.

The voucher can be redeemed towards payment of memberships or fees with an approved provider registered with the Active Kids Voucher program, each calendar year.


Who is eligible for a voucher?

Every child enrolled in school from Kindergarten to year 12 will be eligible for the Active Kids Voucher.


How do participants access the voucher?

From January 31, 2018, a parent or guardian can apply online at the Service NSW Website.

Once the required information is completed an alpha-numeric voucher code will be provided that can then be used to offset the cost of physical activity participation. The voucher can only be redeemed for one sport per calendar year.


When can families start downloading and using their vouchers?

From January 31, 2018, families will be able to apply for their voucher(s) online from the MyService NSW portal. Vouchers are valid for redemption during the current calendar year and will expire at the end of the calendar year. Vouchers cannot be used retrospectively.


How does a Club register to participate in the Active Kids Program?

Swimming NSW has completed a bulk upload of all affiliated Clubs in NSW with the Office of Sport. This process should save clubs time compared to registering manually. Once the upload is complete, your club’s primary contact will receive an email from Service NSW (from 15 January). This will allow to you finalise the club’s provider registration and activate your account.  Providers must be approved and registered with the Office of Sport before accepting vouchers. If you have any questions regarding this bulk upload, please contact kylie.garratt@nsw.swimming.org.au


Should all clubs Register?

If your club will have participants eligible for the Active Kids Program as per the provider guidelines, your club is advised to take part in this initiative.


How will clubs verify vouchers once the program opens?

Clubs will be able to log into Service NSW and redeem participants vouchers.


How will the Club receive the money from the voucher?

From 1 March 2018, reimbursement to providers should occur within seven days of the redemption of vouchers, through the provider’s Active Kids - Service NSW account. Service NSW will deposit the money from the vouchers periodically into the club's nominated bank account. If the club's bank account is already in ClubLANE, the bank details will be automatically loaded in the Service NSW system.


What if my club’s registration fees are below $100?

Please note that providers will be reimbursed the actual value of the activity up to $100 and do not automatically receive $100 for each voucher. Providers cannot raise their fees above a reasonable level (i.e. pricing of participation shall not be increased directly as a result of the registration of a provider in Active Kids).


Can clubs retrospectively redeem vouchers?

No retrospective reimbursement of fees will be paid.  If membership fees have already been paid for the 2017-18 season, the voucher may be used for the 2018-19 season membership fees (normally paid in Sept/Oct 2018).


Who can I go to for help?

Further information on the Active Kids program can be found at sport.nsw.gov.au/activekids

For Club assistance, please contact kylie.garratt@nsw.swimming.org.au

Click here for link to Provider Guidelines

Click here for link to Recipient Guidelines



How will this work with member registration in ClubLANE?


Scenario 1 – Participant does not wish to redeem Active Kids Voucher

Solution: The participant registers as per normal process


Scenario 2 – Club fee portion of registration fees is more than $100

Solution: Create a new “Active Kids Rebate Voucher” in the fees and discounts tab on ClubLANE using the details below.

Member type: Active Kids Rebate Voucher

Description: For members who use the Active Kids Rebate Voucher for membership fees

Region Member type: Swimmer

Valid for joiners / valid – reinstatement / obsolete: Leave unticked

State Date: 1/10/2017

Clubs Fees: $100 less than your swimmer fees

Lower age limit: 8

This new membership category will enable the member to pay registration fee minus $100. Fees collected through ClubLANE will be directed to Swimming Australia, Swimming NSW, Area (if applicable) and club (if applicable – minus $100) as per normal.

The club can go to the Service NSW website and input the participant’s voucher number to receive the funds directly into the club’s bank account.

A general video showing how to create new membership categories is also available on our website here.

New members should use the ‘join now’ button as per normal, but quit prior to payment.  The club registrar will then be required to change the members category to the new ‘Active Kids Rebate Voucher’ category prior to payment.

Renewing members will need the club registrar to update their category prior to payment.

Please contact kylie at kylie.garratt@nsw.swimming.rog.au if you have any members 7 and under (Junior Dolphins) who wish to use the voucher for membership fees.


Scenario 3 – Club fee portion of registration fees is less than $100

Solution: Once the member has an (unfinancial), account the club registrar may select ‘manual pay’ for up to $100.  The club can go to the Service NSW website and input the participant’s voucher number to receive the funds directly into the club’s bank account. The club will receive an invoice from Swimming NSW for the Swimming Australia, Swimming NSW and Area fee (if applicable) for the outstanding amount.



Anyone who has paid their registration without their voucher, cannot go back in and redeem a voucher if they wished to. They still have the option to redeem a voucher for their other eligible sports and activities. If swimming is their only activity for the year, they might be able to use the voucher for the 2018-19 season membership fees (normally paid in Sept/Oct 2018). 

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