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Get your club up and running with Swimming NSW

Congratulations! Your club has been approved for affiliation and you're now part of the Swimming NSW family. Work through the steps below to get your club up and running.


First steps

1) Review and understand the benefits available to your club so you can take full advantage of them.

2) Pay your club affiliation fee.

3) Investigate the purchase of Meet Manager software so you can accept entries for your club nights online.


4) Make note of:


5) Download your insurance Certificate of Currency.


Take the video tutorial

This one hour tutorial is aimed at new Registrars but will give you a very good introduction to ClubLANE. It is recommended you log in to ClubLANE and follow along.


Set up ClubLANE

Set up your committee members in your Committee tab 

Your committee members will be able to login to ClubLANE using their personal membership account username and password. If they do not know what this is, send them an email that will allow them to reset their login

Enter your club banking details so Swimming Australia can deposit club fees to your account

Have another committee member approve your banking details 

Add your club membership fees in ClubLANE so your members can pay all applicable fees in one transaction online 

If you offer discounts on your club fees when multiple members pay in the same transaction, set up discount packages to reflect this 

Open online registrations for your members

Transfer members from their old club to your club if needed

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