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We need you on pool deck

Swimming NSW conducts training in all technical aspects of swimming. New officials are constantly in demand. You can help!! Swimming Championships and Meets are conducted by Clubs, Areas, State and National Bodies. Swimming Australia qualified Technical Officials officiate at these various Meets.

A swim meet needs a lot of officials - in an eight lane pool at least 40 are necessary if the Meet is to run well. Being an official is an excellent way of supporting your children in their favourite sport.

There are also some fringe benefits! If you volunteer before the meet and get your name on the roster, you will normally have free pool entry. You will receive a complimentary program, and lunch and snacks are usually provided at full day Meets. At State and National meets you can apply for free parking.

Things to remember:


Watch a short video on becoming a Technical Official here.


How to Become a Technical Official

The training and assessment of technical officials is organised by the ATSCC. "ATSCC" is short for Area Technical Swimming Committee Coordinator. Tell your Club that you want to become a qualified technical official or gain extra qualifications.

You must be a registered member of Swimming NSW and of secondary school age or older. Your Club will contact the ATSCC who will:

Technical Official Positions on the pool deck :


Finish Judge

Chief Timekeeper 


Check Starter 

Marshal (Clerk of Course)


Control Room Supervisor/ Recorder

Operator of AOE 

Inspector of Turns 

Judge of Stroke 



National Accreditation Program

All Technical Officials in Australia are now being trained and assessed under the guidelines of Swimming Australia's National Officiating Program. Training and assessing is conducted through competency based modules similar to workplace competency courses.

For further information on the Swimming Australia National Accreditation Program, please click here. Or alternatively, please visit the Swimming Australia website.

Recognition of Prior Learning for Officiating Credentials

If you would like to submit an application to Swimming NSW in regards to your previous work related to an official position please download the following form

Recognition of Current Competencies

Before You Begin Your Training

Candidates must complete the relevant Training Exercises, accompanied by the Training Notes if applicable, before meeting with the Course Presenter to gain accreditation in any of the SAL Learner Guide/Modules. 

Training Format

The Course Presenter will take the candidate through the SAL Learner Guide/Modules and they will be asked to complete a short written assessment. At the conclusion you will be told when the candidate will be assessed in a practical officiating environment.

The Course Assessor will assess the candidate in a practical officiating environment, probably at a Club meet or at Club night. He/she will assess the candidate as ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’ by assessing them on a list of criteria necessary to be competent in that technical official position.

If the candidate is deemed ‘competent’ in ALL the criteria, the assessor will forward their name on to Swimming Australia as being competent in that position.

All accredited technical officials are issued with a National Technical Official Accreditation card. The card will identify the units (technical official positions) in which the candidate has achieved competency. If you have not received your accreditation card please click here.

For first time technical officials being accredited, you also receive a Swimming NSW Technical Official Badge. If you have not received your Swimming NSW Technical Official Badge please email admin@nsw.swimming.org.au

If the candidate is deemed as ‘not yet competent’ the Course Assessor will discuss with them what needs to be done for they can become ‘competent’.  

Updating Your Knowledge as a Technical Official

Every year Swimming NSW holds a Technical Officials Forum where you can update your knowledge. If you would like a Technical Official Forum to be held in your Area please contact Swimming NSW on (02) 9763 5833.   

Quality Control Pool Deck Assessment

Process for Achieving Level Three Accreditations

Level 2 Referees Pool Deck Assessment

Level 2 Starters Pool Deck Assessment

Swimming NSW Facilitators Guide


Have a question or two about Technical Course content that you need answered quickly?

Ask Sam is a new webpage dedicated to answering your queries about officiating, specifically accreditation course content.

Feel free to put forward your query at any time on this website, and it will be updated as soon as possible.

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