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Swimming Australia NOAP Learner Guides

2018 New National Officiating Accreditation Program (NOAP) Learner Guides:

The Swimming Australia Participation and Sport Development Unit and Swimming Australia Technical Swimming Committee, have recently updated the Learner Guides for the National Officiating Accreditation Program (NOAP) Learner Guides:

These new learner guides have been updated to reflect stronger officiating principles to assist technical officials with their understanding. As per Australian Sports Commission (ASC) requirements, these guides have been refreshed to be more contemporary and have also been updated in line with recent changes to FINA rules.

These Guides now also allow Technical Officials to work at their own pace with information easier to comprehend for technical officials at any level or experience. 

A Quick Reference Guide to the modules can be found HERE.

A Learner Guide Module Coversheet must be completed in full to prove an official has gained an accreditation. Download the Coversheet HERE.

LG1 - General Principles - please note, you will have to register here before beginning the course.

LG2 - Timekeeper

LG3 - Chief Timekeeper

LG4 - Check Starter

LG5 - Starter

LG6 - Clerk of Course

LG7 - Inspector of Turns

LG8 - Judge of Stroke

LG9 - Recorder

LG10 - Finish Judge / Chief Finish Judge

LG11 - AOE

LG12 - Meet Manager Operator

LG13 - Announcer

LG14 - Referee

LG15 - Refereee - Multi Class

LG16 - Advanced Self Management



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