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Membership fees

2018-2019 Membership Fees

Please note these fees are comprised of Swimming NSW and Swimming Australia fees only, and do not include any applicable Area or Club fees.

Swimmer: $69 (plus potential area and club fees)

Defined as a member who swims at the club, area, state or national level. A Swimmer may not necessarily compete, but does participate in squad or club training (including club nights).

Non-Swimmer: $21.00  (plus potential area and club fees)

Defined as a member who does not swim at the club, area, state or national level. This can include parents, officials, coaches and members enrolled in Learn-to-Swim programs.

Junior Dolphins - 7 & Under: $0  (plus potential club fee)

The Junior Dolphins member type provides free membership to members aged 7 and under. Junior Dolphins members can participate in Learn to Swim programs, squad training, club night and all levels of competition.

Life Member: $0

Are members who have been nominated by their club committee to receive lifetime membership at no cost.


*Active Kids Vouchers

If you'd like to use an Active Kids Voucher for your Swimming NSW membership fees, please contact your club registrar to initiate the process. Vouchers cannot be used retrospectively and refunds will not be provided if payment is processed prior to voucher verification. Click here for more information.


2018-2019 Area Fees

The following area fees are applicable on top of the Swimming NSW and Swimming Australia fees listed above. These fees do not include any applicable club fees. Please check with your club registrar for more information on their and your area's applicable fee.

  ACT Coast & Valley Metro North East Metro North West Metro South East Metro South West
Swimmer $5 $4 0 $3 $4 $5
Non-Swimmer 0 $4 0 0 $4 0


& Plains
New England & North West South Eastern Southern Inland North Coast Western
Swimmer $4 $2.50 $10 0 $5 $5
Non-Swimmer 0 $2.50 $10 0 $2 0


1.5% Credit Card Fee

The merchant fee charged for credit/debit card payments through ClubLANE and all related APT websites is 1.5% of the total transaction amount. This means when any online payments are made, users will be presented with the cost of the membership they are purchasing plus 1.5% of that cost to pay.

Here is an example ‘Swimmer’ membership transaction for the 2018-19 season:



(Example Only)

Amount (Inc GST)

1.5% merchant fee paid by member

Total member will pay

Swimming Australia




Swimming NSW













121.00 + 1.5% fee




Note: there is no option at present for clubs to select an individual preference regarding absorbing or passing on the 1.5% fee.


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