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Swimming NSW conducts a variety of events, awards nights, squads, touring teams and participation initiatives throughout the year that would not be possible without the support of generous Community Sponsors through the provision of funding and services.

Community sponsors' contributions have a direct impact on the lives of our athletes, clubs and technical officials, and expand the possibilities for participation and development in our sport.

2022 Community Sponsors

Swimming NSW Community Sponsor Precision Athletica


Become a Community Sponsor

  • Community Sponsors
  • Community Sponsorship is suited to individuals and businesses that wish to engage in a relationship with Swimming NSW as a one-off or on an ongoing basis to support particular outcomes, such as sponsoring:

    • one of our meets, or a single award like Swimmer of the Night
    • a squad, camp or touring team
    • an awards night or a single award

    If you'd like to learn more about becoming a Community Sponsor please contact, or refer to the contact listed in our Upcoming Opportunities section below.

  • Upcoming Community Sponsorship opportunities

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