SwimScape: Hungry for success

23 December 2023

Name: Oscar Kreutzberger

Age: 16 years

Oscar Kreutzberger

A proud member of the Flippers squad and the North Albury Swim Club, and under the expert guidance of coach Mitchell Brown, Oscar Kreutzberger has set his sights on achieving excellence in the pool.

Oscar's journey into the world of swimming began at an astonishingly young age. His mother proudly recounts his introduction to water at a mere 12 weeks old. By the time he was 8 years old, Oscar was swimming competitively, joining the junior squad and displaying a natural talent that quickly caught the attention of his peers and coaches.

Known for his prowess in the 400m Freestyle and 400m Individual Medley, Oscar's dedication to perfecting his backstroke technique has become a focal point of his journey in the Flippers squad. When asked about his aspirations, he expressed a desire to secure a gold medal at the upcoming Age Nationals and qualify for the Olympic trials, aiming to compete against Australia's best.

“I would love to jag a gold medal at Age Nationals if I can, I would also like to qualify for Olympic trials, it would be amazing to race Australia’s best,” said Oscar.

What sets Oscar apart is not just his impressive performance in the pool but also his enthusiasm for the camaraderie within the swimming community. He looks forward to meeting swimmers from across the state, cherishing the opportunity to learn from older athletes and different coaches, citing Mitch Larkin as his swimming idol.

One of Oscar's most cherished memories to date is winning his first-ever medal in the 400m Individual Medley at the 2022 Age Nationals in Adelaide. His improvement in the event over the past year is a testament to his hard work and determination.

Preparing for competitions is a meticulous process for Oscar. From massages to cupping, a strict nutrition plan, and a solid 10 hours of sleep, he ensures that every aspect of his routine contributes to his peak performance. Oscar's pre-race rituals include a unique warm-up routine of 2.5 km to 4 km and a playful tradition of giving himself a slap behind the blocks.

Outside the pool, Oscar maintains a balance in his life by engaging in water polo during the summer and playing AFL in the winter. He's a gym enthusiast, focusing on strength and conditioning to support his swimming. Despite his intense training schedule, Oscar values spending time with close friends and his family, acknowledging their unwavering support.

“My coach Mitch is supportive and easy to talk to. He pushes me to achieve my best and is great at explaining new drills and stroke techniques. My club is full of families that support in many ways, great spirit. I am super lucky to have my club and coach behind me.”

Describing himself in one word, Oscar chooses "HUNGRY," reflecting his insatiable appetite for success in the pool and a love for good food. As a fun fact, he reveals he can move his belly in odd ways.

With his hunger for success, dedication to improvement, and a supportive coach and club behind him, Oscar Kreutzberger is undoubtedly a name to watch in the world of Australian swimming.

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