SNSW partners with Hancock Prospecting to provide world-leading performance analysis for NSW swimmers

19 December 2019

Hancock Prospecting has partnered with Swimming NSW, the peak swimming body in NSW, to provide NSW’s best swimmers with the Escrito Sport Performance Analysis system.

The system was developed by SportExpertise BV in the Netherlands and is considered among experts as the premier swimming analysis software in the World.

This system will integrate with the current NSWIS Camera system at SOPAC and allow Coaches and Athletes to conduct biomechanical analysis for starts, turns and sprints, giving immediate feedback on an athlete’s performance. In simple terms it will allow the likes of Cate & Bronte Campbell and Matthew Wilson to compare visually their starts, turns and sprints against their Personal best and also World’s best and make adjustments to their technique.

This software has been installed at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre by the team at the NSW Institute of Sport and will give all NSW athletes a significant performance advantage over their rivals. The system will also be used as part of development days for NSW Teams and Squads.

President of Swimming NSW, Chris Fydler was very grateful of the support from Hancock Prospecting, “To have the world leading Performance Analysis system installed at SOPAC is a significant achievement for Swimming NSW and it wouldn’t have been possible without the significant and generous financial support from Mrs Rinehart and Hancock Prospecting.

Recently we have seen that the starts, turns and finishes of a swimmer can be the difference between getting on the podium or winning or missing out altogether and this system will give NSW swimmers the necessary feedback to make improvements in these crucial areas of their swimming.”

“I noticed while attending a World Championships held in Budapest that our starts were putting us behind, even though our swimming was fantastic. With a split second often determining whether Australia gets a gold, silver, bronze or no medal, I offered this technology to several centres in Australia, and am very delighted that this is now installed in NSW. I hope and believe this will assist our competitive swimmers - some of our country’s finest role models - to perform at their peak in the lead up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics” said Gina Rinehart, Patron of Australia swimming and West Australian swimming.

The installation of the system at SOPAC has now been completed and Swimmers and Coaches will now be able to utilise when they visit the Olympic Park Swimming Hub.


Contact: Mark Heathcote Chief Executive Officer Swimming NSW Ltd T: +61 2 9763 5833 | M: + 61 417 066 300

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