Sharks Training Day

22 January 2024

The 2023/24 Sharks Squad concluded its season with a dynamic training day, marking the peak of months of hard work and dedication. This event served as a follow-up to a training day held in May 2023, bringing together 33 athletes and 12 coaches hailing from 20 different clubs.

Sharks Training Day

The morning commenced with a revisit to the kick and pull tests conducted in May, allowing swimmers to gauge their progress over the training season. This provided valuable insights into individual improvements and set the tone for the day's activities.

In the afternoon, the swimmers were divided into groups to partake in a "ladder challenge" designed around race pacing. This engaging competition not only showcased the swimmers' technical prowess but also emphasized the importance of strategic pacing in competitive scenarios. The friendly yet competitive atmosphere added a vibrant energy to the training day.

Sharks Training Day

Beyond the pool activities, the training day maintained a squad-wide focus on physical preparation. Swimmers underwent a movement competency screening, highlighting the squad's commitment to a holistic approach to athlete development. These off-pool initiatives contribute to overall fitness, injury prevention, and enhanced performance.

The success of the training day wouldn't have been possible without the collaborative efforts of many. Special thanks were extended to Cranbrook, the coaches, Keiran Qaium, and Tom Hargraves for their valuable assistance in orchestrating yet another successful training day. Their dedication and support underscored the camaraderie within the Sharks Squad, leaving everyone inspired and motivated for the seasons to come.

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