Last hit out before Olympic Trials

10 May 2021
2021 Sydney Open Cate Campbell Matt Wilson

Come and see your favourite Australian Dolphins and the hottest rising stars at 2021 NSW Sydney Open & Uni Nationals. At this unique combined UniSport Australia and Swimming NSW competition, you’ll find swimming superstars like Olympic Gold Medallist Kyle Chalmers and former World Record holder Cate Campbell giving it their all in their last hit-out before Olympic Trials.

No less than 28 Rio Olympians and Paralympians and a host of Tokyo 2021 hopefuls, will take to the iconic Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre this weekend. The 2021 NSW Sydney Open & Uni Nationals, commencing on Thursday, promises to deliver world-class competition as the Australian Dolphins prepare for to swim for Olympic Team selection in June.  

Sydney Open will follow an afternoon Heats, morning Finals format in order to give athletes the best possible preparation for competition conditions in Tokyo.

Here's everything you need to know!


Vital info

Event dates: 13-16 May 2021

Venue: Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park

Time: Refer to the program for session times

All meet information including the Start List and Timeline can be found on the event info page.

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Come and watch

Spectators will need to purchase tickets online before attempting to enter the venue. Entry into the venue is FREE for all competitors and accompanied children aged 17 years and under!


Thursday 13th May

$7 Purchase Here

Friday 14th May 

$7  Purchase Here

Saturday 15th May

$7 Purchase Here

Sunday 16th May

$7 Purchase Here

Meet Pass
(1 Ticket for each day)

$20 Purchase Here
  • There is no limit to the amount of tickets each customer can purchase per day
  • Spectators must have a ticket for each day they are attending
  • Tickets will grant spectators access for the entire day- both morning (finals) and evening (heats) sessions
  • Both electronic and printed tickets will be accepted

Athletes to watch

Rio Olympians & Paralympians

Georgia Bohl (Griffith University, QLD): 50, 100m, 200m breaststroke

Bronte Campbell (Knox Pymble, NSW): 50, 100m freestyle

Cate Campbell (Knox Pymble, NSW): 50, 100m freestyle

Kyle Chalmers (Marion, SA): 50, 100, 200m freestyle; 100m butterfly

Blake Cochrane (USC Spartans, QLD): 400m freestyle, 50, 100m breaststroke MC

Ellie Cole (Knox Pymble, NSW): 100, 400m freestyle; 100m backstroke MC

Tamsin Cook (University of WA, WA): 50, 100, 200, 400m freestyle

Katja Dedekind (University of Sunshine Coast, QLD): 50, 100, 400m freestyle; 200 IM; 50, 100m backstroke MC

Blair Evans (UWA West Coast, WA): 200; 400m IM

Thomas Fraser-Holmes (Griffith University, QLD): 100, 200m freestyle

Chelsea Gubecka (University of Queensland, QLD): 100, 200, 400, 1500m freestyle; 100, 200 butterfly; 200, 400m IM; 4x100m freestyle relay; 4x50m freestyle relay

Jacob Hansford (St Peters Western, QLD): 100, 200, 400m freestyle

Tim Hodge (Auburn, NSW): 200, 400m IM; 100m butterfly; 100m backstroke MC

Jenna Jones (Auburn, NSW): 50m, 100m, 400m freestyle MC

Mitch Larkin (St Peters Western, QLD): 50, 100m backstroke; 100m freestyle; 200m IM; 50, 100m butterfly

Matthew Levy (North Sydney, NSW): 50m freestyle MC

Travis Mahoney (Marion, SA): 50, 100, 200m backstroke

Emma McKeon (Griffith University Swim Club, QLD): 50, 100m 200m freestyle; 50, 100, 200m butterfly

Taylor McKeown (Griffith University Swim Club, QLD): 50, 100, 200m breaststroke; 200m IM

Jack McLoughlin (QLD University of Technology, QLD): 200, 400, 800m freestyle

David Morgan (TSS Aquatic, QLD): 100, 200m butterfly

Kotuku Ngawati (Melbourne Vicentre, VIC): 50, 100, 200m freestyle

Jake Packard (USC Spartan, QLD): 50, 100, 200m breaststroke

Wesley Roberts (Federation University Aus, NSW): 100, 200, 400m freestyle

Emily Seebohm (Griffith University Swim Club, QLD): 50 butterfly; 50 freestyle, 50, 100, 200m backstroke; 200m individual medley

Tiffany Thomas Kane (Warringah, NSW): 100m breaststroke; 100m freestyle; 200m IM MC

Brianna Throssell (UWA West Coast, WA): 100, 200m freestyle; 100, 200m butterfly

Madison Wilson (Marion, SA): 50, 100, 200m freestyle; 50, 100m backstroke


2021 Australian Dolphins

Meg Bailey (Hunter, NSW): 200, 400m IM; 200m butterfly

Ricky Betar (Auburn, NSW): 50, 100m freestyle; 100m butterfly; 100m backstroke MC

Holly Barratt (Rockingham, WA): 50, 100m freestyle; 50, 100, 200m backstroke

Jack Cartwright (St Peters Western, QLD): 50, 100, 200m freestyle

Taylor Corry (Nelson Bay, NSW): 50, 100m freestyle; 100m butterfly MC

Alex Graham (Bond Swim Club, QLD): 50, 100, 200m freestyle

Jessica Hansen (Cruiz, NSW): 50, 100, 200m breaststroke

Abbey Harkin (St Peters Western, QLD): 50, 100, 200m breaststroke

Tristan Hollard (Southport, QLD): 50, 100, 200m backstroke

Jack Ireland (University of Queensland, QLD): 100, 200m freestyle

Clyde Lewis (Bond, QLD): 100, 200m freestyle; 100m butterfly

Kareena Lee (Noosa, QLD): 1500m freestyle

Jade Lucy (SLC Aquadot, NSW): 50, 100, 400m freestyle; 100m butterfly MC

Kiah Melverton (Griffith University, QLD): 100, 200, 400, 800m freestyle

Kaylee McKeown (USC Spartans, QLD): 50, 100, 200m backstroke; 200m IM

Lani Pallister (Griffith University, QLD): 100, 200, 400, 800m freestyle

Leiston Pickett (Marion, SA): 50, 100m, 200m breaststroke

Mikkayla Sheridan (USC Spartans, QLD): 200m freestyle; 100m backstroke; 50, 100m butterfly; 400m IM

Nick Sloman (Qld University of Technology, QLD): 1500m freestyle

Jenna Strauch (Bond, QLD): 50, 100, 200m breaststroke

Zac Stubbelty-Cook (Chandler, QLD): 50, 100, 200m breaststroke

Laura Taylor (Bond University, QLD): 100, 200, 400m freestyle; 100, 200m butterfly

Matthew Wilson (SOPAC, NSW): 50, 100, 200m breaststroke

Brad Woodward (Mingara, NSW): 50, 100, 200m backstroke


Cody Simpson (Superfish, QLD): 50, 100m butterfly; 100m freestyle


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