January Country Development Days

24 January 2024

Dive into the heart of swimming excellence with the series of Country Development Days led by Chris Myers from Swimming New South Wales. Discover the highlights and experiences at various pool locations across NSW, showcasing the dedication and achievements of swimmers and coaches.

Development Day 1: January 6, 2024 - Kootingal

Off and swimming with the commencement of the first development clinic of 2024 in the town of Kootingal, just 20 minutes north of Tamworth on the New England Highway. This idyllic setting provided the backdrop for a transformative experience as 30 eager swimmers dove into a session focused on mastering the intricacies of starts, turns, and finishes. As the buzz of the upcoming club's carnival heightened the excitement, the participants found themselves immersed in a tailored program designed to elevate their swimming expertise.

"Thank you, Chris Myers. Our kids got so much out of your fantastic session this morning!" was a comment made from one swimmer's mum, capturing the essence of the clinic's positive impact. Chris also payed his thanks to coaches Graham Johnston, Greg Poetschka, Colbie Butler from Kootingal, Simone Kerr, Glen Innis and Anne Bennett from Narrabri for their help and giving their time.

Kootingal Dev Day

Development Day 2: January 8, 2024 - Bingara

Chris Myers from Swimming NSW orchestrated an impactful swim development clinic at the town's new pool on January 8th. Thirty young swimmers (ages 9-15) from nearby towns immersed themselves in refining all four strokes, emphasising body alignment, and exploring stroke-specific elements. 

The session concluded with a focus on starts and the elusive fifth stroke - STREAMLINING, adding an exciting dimension to the learning experience. Participants had a blast, expanding their swimming skills while enjoying the fun-filled event. 

Bingara Development Day

Development Day 3: January 13, 2024 - Coonamble

In the heat of Coonamble, the Western Area Development day proved to be a pool of success as 40 young swimmers, aged 8-12, convened from various Western Area locales. SNSW Regional Coaching Director Chris Myers led the day, commencing with an insightful presentation on 'Training is Race Practice' and the Non-Negotiables in Practice. A session focused on skill development in the water was followed by a lunch break and stroke enhancement in Freestyle and Breaststroke. The day concluded with a presentation on Carnival and Race Prep, setting the stage for many swimmers who were gearing up for the Coonamble Meet the following day.

Coonamble Dev Day

Development Day 4: January 19, 2024 - Charlestown

The exciting atmosphere of the "Ready Set Race" development clinic held at Charlestown Swim Centre, where 38 eager swimmers, accompanied by skilled coaches Gilly from NUSwim, Angus from Cootamundra, and Tim from Toukley, came together for a day dedicated to enhancing the development of the swimmers technique and skills. The focus of the clinic centered on refining essential elements such as starts, turns, and finishes, gearing up for the imminent Country Regionals set to commence the next day. A special acknowledgment goes to Lyn Connell, the dedicated Swimming NSW CSO for doing the hard yards putting this together. 

Charlestown Dev Day

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