Gregson Award Winners

25 January 2024

At the Senior State Age Championships in December a new trophy was awarded to the top male and female multi-class swimmers. The Gregson award is in honour of Margaret and the late Alan Gregson her husband. We interviewed Margaret about the profound connection she shared with Alan in the world of Para Swimming. The couple, inseparable in life and united in their dedication to the sport, left an incredible mark on the multiclass swimming community.

"Alan and I did everything together," Margaret reminisces, "He was always happy when he was working," she adds, reflecting on the joy that fuelled Alan's commitment to Para Swimming. Alan Gregson recently passed away, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire.

Despite her loss, Margaret has found comfort in the announcement of the Gregson Award, a tribute that ensures Alan's name lives on. "I'm just happy that there is going to be a Gregson Award to keep his name in everybody's memory," she shares, emphasising the enduring impact they have had on the swimming world.

The Gregson Award was determined by the male and female highest multi-class point score at the senior state age event in December. The first ever recipients being Tim Hodge and Taylor Corry.

From the perspective of those who benefited directly from the Gregson’s' expertise, Tim, an accomplished para-swimmer, shared his thoughts on their invaluable contribution. "The contribution of both Alan and Margaret Gregson during their many decades in multiclass swimming in has been integral to our success both nationally and internationally, and their role as classifiers has provided many of Australia's best para-swimmers the platform to begin their swimming careers," Taylor expresses. "I first met Allan and Margaret at Aices in 2005 when I was only 10 years old. It was obvious from the moment that I met them that they had a true passion for para swimming, and I’ve been very fortunate to have built a strong relationship and friendship with them over the years."

Taylor acknowledges the privilege bestowed upon her as an inaugural recipient of the Gregson Award. "To say that I’m honoured to have received the inaugural award created in the Gregson’s honour is an understatement," she shares. "Winning this award means so much to me, and the Gregson Family will always hold a special place in my heart."

Tim added to this by explaining "Being an inaugural recipient of the Gregson Award is a huge privilege, honoring both the memory of Alan Gregson, and the incredible influence the Gregsons have had in growing and shaping multiclass swimming to date."











Both Tim and Taylor's heartfelt words underscore the profound impact the Gregsons had on the growth and development of multiclass swimming in NSW. As the Gregson Award takes its place as a symbol of excellence and dedication in Para Swimming, it stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of a remarkable couple whose passion for the sport continues to ripple through the swimming community.

Watch the Video with Margaret Gregson here

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