SNSW Registration season webinar

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Date & Time
Wed, 10/08/2022 to Wed, 10/08/2022
Via Zoom

Event Details

Club admin-based

  • Creating membership products for 2022/23
  • Creating a replacement membership product
    • What emails are received by members?
    • What if members want to purchase a different membership product?
    • What if members don’t want to renew their membership?
    • What if member is transferring to another club?
  • Second claim membership products
  • Approving Active Kids Vouchers (AKV)
  • Updating club information, club positions etc in Swim Central
  • Reporting


End-user (member)

  • Upgrading or transferring memberships when an AKV has been used to purchase original membership
  • Upgrading membership or Transferring membership in Swim central (non-AKV)
  • Purchasing a membership product in Swim Central
  • Setting up a new member/family in Swim Central
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Melissa Gorgijovski Swimming NSW
Melissa Gorgijovski

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