School Splash

The School Splash is a brand-new format, developed by Swimming NSW, specifically designed for schools to encourage swimming and get children participating in a fun and exciting way.

School Splash

2 in 1 - Splash Options

Have A Go Splash
Events that allow every child to take part. Noodle races, Kickboard races, Donut races and some traditional Freestyle and relays. 

Team Splash
For more proficient swimmers, events across the traditional swimming strokes - Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle and relays. 

School Splash

Everything You Need... at a low cost

School Splash
School Splash

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Pricing, Questions & Reviews

  • Pricing
  • How much does it cost?

    Splashdown Set Up Pack: ​

    80 Swim Caps in 4 house teams/colours​

    20 winner's medal​

    20 runner-up ribbons​

    Race Equipment (noodles, donuts, & kickboards)​

    Event Delivery Materials (instructions, judge cards ​

    and run sheets)  ​



    Splashdown Re-run Pack:​

    80 Swim Caps in 4 house teams/colours​

    20 winner's medal​

    20 runner-up ribbons​



    Splashdown Extras:​

    20 x 1 Colour swim caps $400 ​

    20 x winners medals $100​

    20 x runner up ribbons $50​

    Race Equipment Pack $250

  • Questions
  • Questions?

    Why Hold A School Splash?

    • Build aquatic confidence with your students in a fun way. 

    • A proven model that develops team building, social interactions and physical activity all while having fun. 
    • Developing life-saving skills around aquatic environments.
    • 2 Formats for all levels of swimmers, participation or proficient. 
    • Meets multiple learning areas in the PDHPE syllabus.
    • Make swimming fun for EVERYONE at a low cost. 

    How Much Work Will Be Required?

    • Everything you need to run an event is provided.
    • We have a School Splash support coach to help guide you. 
    • Helping run the event is nearly as much fun as being in the event. 

    When and Where Can A School Splash Happen?

    • Any length pool can be used.
    • A single School Splash or a whole term of School Splash, it's up to you.
  • Reviews
  • School Splash Reviews

    "A fantastic addition to our school swimming programme. All children can take part and it's lots of fun and easy to do."

    "The format is great, the move away from standard timed heats is a welcome change, less formality, more fun."


    Swimming NSW will provide pathways and links to local clubs for students that want to progress in the sport.

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