2022 Australian Short Course Championships

Date & Time
Wed, 24/08/2022 to Sat, 27/08/2022
Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre
Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW
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Event Details

The 2022 Australian Short Course Championships will be held at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre over four action packed days from 24th - 27th August.

Online Entries
Entries close 11:59PM (AEST) Monday 15th August.
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  • Competition
  • Multi Class Point Score
  • The multi class point score calculator will be used to determine results for multi class events.

    Please note for S19/SB19/SM19 multi class events that there is a significant weighting applied for this class. This is due to the S19/SB19/SM19 being a newly introduced class that is still in a trial phase at VIRTUS/International level and as such there are not yet any established international times. To allow for participation of those within the S19/SB19/SM19 class at multiple levels of competition whilst not displacing the current and established classifications, a heavy weighting is applied.


    We appreciate that from an S19 competitor’s perspective, the current weighting on the MCPS is extremely challenging. But over time and as more VIRTUS recognised meets include the new class and world records can be recognised, these gearings, can and will, be pulled back as the base times become more competitive.


    More information regarding the Multi Class Point Score Calculator can be found at:

  • WA Entry Process
  • Swimmers from Western Australian swimming clubs must enter via the link below:


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