Event Registration- Coaches

All coaches are required to pre-register their intention to attend upcoming events via the below links.

Coaches will be required to show current & valid ASCTA accreditation to the door staff on arrival as well as a copy of their COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate, as per Swimming NSW Field-of-Play COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. This will be monitored by a wrist-band accreditation system. 

Meet Venue Dates Coaches Registration Link

NSW Metropolitan SC Championships 

SOPAC 15th-17th July 2022 Register Here

NSW Senior State SC Championships 

SOPAC 12th-14th August 2022 Register Here

NSW Junior State SC Championships

SOPAC 3rd-4th September 2022 Register Here

If you have any questions regarding coach registration, please email greta.brodie@nsw.swimming.org.au

asctaNSW Digital Membership card

Coaches attending SNSW swim meets need to have a valid membership card. If coaches don't have a physical card, they can access their digital membership card and print it out via Swim Central. Here are instructions to help you with finding and printing your digital membership card.

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