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Club Committees 

Q. What is the Club House and where can I find it? 

A. The Club House is a bespoke website for Swimming NSW Club Committee members. It can be found at CLUBHOUSE 


Q. Where do I find a copy of the club model constitution? 

A. Please email  


Q. Our club contact details on the club directory are incorrect, how can I get this fixed? 

A. Please email and provide the correct details. It is also recommended that you contact your local club support officer (if applicable) with these details. 


Q. How does our club purchase Swimming NSW affiliation? 

A. Affiliation is purchased through Swim Central and is due 1st April annually. A guide on how to do this can be found here. If your club is unable to make payment through Swim Central, you can either pay via EFT or over the phone via credit card. Please note that depending on your area association, area affiliation fees could be included in this Swim Central payment. Otherwise, these fees will need to be paid in the area’s preferred method. 


Q. Where do I find the Certificate of Currency for our club? 

A. Once you have paid your affiliation, you can download this from the Marsh website: HERE   You will first need to contact to obtain your clubs My Swimming ID.


Q. I need help with setting up membership products and/or updating club details in Swim Central, is there a step-by-step guide I can follow? 

A. There are many valuable guides for Swim Central which can be found here. If you are still having trouble, please contact or your local club support officer.  


Q. Why can’t I add a person to a position on the Committee list in Swim Central?  

A. The person may not have registered an account in Swim Central. 


Q. Why does a person show as "Staff" when I try to add them into a position on the Committee list in Swim Central?  

A. If a person shows as Staff this means they have held the position previously. You will need to go to the Inactive list, remove dates, add in a start date - then the person will automatically appear in the active list. 


Q. Where do I find the Model Club By Laws? 

A. Please email  

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