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Board of Directors

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Current Directors


Chris Fydler OAM



Patrick Troy

Janelle Barnett

Lynn Lonngren (Elliott)


Mark Payne

David Goff


Graham Towle OAM




Steven Traplin

Benjamin Tuxford




2017 Swimming NSW Board of Directors Nominations - Closed


Duties, responsibilities and functions of the Board of Directors include:


The President shall:

(a) promote the image of the Company at all times and lead the pursuit of the Objects and carry out such duties as requested by a General Meeting and the Board;


(b) guide the strategic direction of the sport of swimming in New South Wales in accordance with the approved strategic plan;


(c) be responsible for the leadership and overall administration of the Company;


(d) be the delegate to SAL and represent the Company on external bodies as determined by the Board; and


(e) coordinate the Board activities and ensure that the Board properly undertakes its governance role.



Directors shall:


(a) guide any committees to which they may be assigned on all matters affecting the Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and Rules or any previous decision of the General Meeting or the Board;


(b) act honestly, independently and with due diligence in all decision making;


(c) ensure that the resources of the Company are effectively and efficiently managed to fulfil the Objects;


(d) contribute to the development of the Company strategic and business plans;


(e) attend any assigned committee and act as the Board's adviser in the formulation of committee work plans;


(f) act at the Board's direction, as a delegate to any meeting of a Member Association and advise and guide such meetings on any matters affecting the future of the Company, the Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and Rules;


(g) present recommendations and reports of any assigned committee to the Board; and


(h) subject to the concurrence of the President, attend, without vote, any other Company committee meeting.



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