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Australia Swims Is Coming

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Australia Swims Is Coming


In Australia swimming is our thing. So, as of next year, swimming is how we want people to come together as a nation to set the tone for the year. Positive, energetic, free and, most importantly, united.


Australia Swims is 9 days of water experiences for Australians of all ages, abilities and communities. We’ll celebrate the moments that make us better at it, and the moments that just make us feel better.

Whether it's backstroking in the ocean, jumping into a creek, challenging yourself in an event or splashing about in your mate's backyard pool, we’ll be encouraging everyone to get involved, because in Australia during summer, it’s what we do – we swim.


During December and January, together with the Swimming Industry, we’ll be promoting and encouraging all Australians to get involved. We’ve developed www.australiaswims.com.au where we’ll list experiences of all different types and locations for people to get involved in. There’s already nearly 100 to get involved in!


Our aim is to get more people swimming and ignite the passion for the sport.


We’d love your help!

Getting involved is really easy. And we’d love for you to share the word within your club.




Promote an existing event


Create a new event


By getting involved your club and members can:


So, what’s next?


We’d love you to share within your club and it’s as easy as adding #AustraliaSwims to any posts about existing club activities. Particularly Lap the Nation, as we’re excited by how quickly and how many times all the club swimmers from across the country can ‘swim’ around the Country.

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