Annual General Meeting & State Forum Minutes

Starting Block at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

Swimming NSW's Annual General Meeting and State Forum are an opportunity for stakeholders to reflect on the obstacles and achievements of the past year, and to raise their opinions on decisions that affect the future direction of the sport.

Affiliated clubs and areas are invited to send delegates to the AGM and State Forum. We encourage all entitled stakeholders to take advantage of this opportunity as it is a privilege derived from affiliation.

Historical AGM and State Forum Minutes

Minutes 56th Annual General Meeting

Minutes 55th Annual General Meeting

Minutes 54th Annual General Meeting / Minutes 2019 State Forum

Minutes 53rd Annual General Meeting / Minutes 2018 State Forum

Minutes 52nd Annual General Meeting / Minutes 2017 State Forum

Minutes 51st Annual General Meeting / Minutes 2016 State Forum

Minutes 50th Annual General Meeting / Minutes 2015 State Forum

Minutes 49th Annual General Meeting / Minutes 2014 State Forum

Minutes 48th Annual General Meeting / Minutes 2013 State Forum

Minutes 47th Annual General Meeting Minutes 2012 State Forum

Minutes 46th Annual General Meeting

Minutes 45th Annual General Meeting

Minutes 44th Annual General Meeting

Minutes 43rd Annual General Meeting

Minutes 42nd Annual General Meeting

Minutes 41st Annual General Meeting

Minutes 40th Annual General Meeting

Upcoming AGMs and State Forums

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