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Starting Block at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

Life membership is offered as recognition to members who have provided long and meritorious service to Swimming NSW. Nominations for life membership can be submitted by a club or individual but must be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to the relevant Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is held around July each year.

All nominations for life membership are reviewed by the Board, and if successful, the Board will make a recommendation to the Annual General Meeting in relation to the nomination.

The Swimming NSW Life Membership nomination form can be found on our Resources & Forms page

Swimming NSW wishes to thank each and every one of our existing Life Members for their contribution to advancing our sport over many years.





James Tylor CBE* 10.09.1942   H Jack Lang* 15.06.1985
Ernest (Eddie) S Marks CBE* 10.09.1942 Esna M Stewart* 14.06.1986
Bernard (Bert) R Galland CBE* 18.09.1944 Joan F Valler* 14.06.1986
Charles D Bell* 12.09.1946 Stuart W Aldritt* 13.06.1987
Jack Dexter MC* 08.09.1949 Isa Wye MBE* 13.06.1987
Dudley Hellmrich* 04.09.1942 Ion W King OAM* 18.06.1988
Sydney B Grange* 09.09.1954 Joseph M Harrison* 17.06.1989
William J Williams* 06.09.1956 Henry J Schofield* 17.06.1995
John H Morrison* 06.09.1956 Ronald G Jordan* 13.06.1998
Roger F Pegram* 04.09.1958 Thekla O Samuel 13.06.1998 
James Brophy ISO, KOSG* 06.09.1962 Clive B (Berry) Rickards* 19.06.1999
Leslie J Herron CMG* 02.09.1965  Helen J Wood 17.06.2000
Rowley G Askew* 10.06.1967 Cliff Harris 16.06.2007
Patricia Flynn* 14.06.1969 Pat Troy 14.06.2008
John C Chapman Jnr* 14.06.1969 Neil Rogers 23.07.2016
William J Berge Phillips* 14.06.1969  Gladys Pye 23.07.2016
John P Henri* 13.06.1970  Suzanne Bergersen 28.07.2018
S Leah Phillips* 27.06.1974 Lynn Lonngren 22.07.2023
Kenneth F Knight* 18.06.1977  Graham Towle OAM 22.07.2023
Nancy B Dixon* 21.06.1980    
Ronald D Faraday* 18.06.1983    

*denotes deceased

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